Monday, March 19, 2007

Calling all Met-xperts

Lets hope that this week is not so chaotic for me as last week. Here is an update:

Day 12 on Metformin, CD 21, 20 days w/o chocolate, caffeine, sugars (besides those that are naturally in fruits),and white flour. However - I went out to dinner on Friday and I had Linguine pasta w/Mussels. (the pasta was white pasta - I wanted it really bad- it was a better choice then something fried I think) Also, we went to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday and I had a bag of Cinnamon Almonds, Cashews and Pecans. I do not think of it as cheating, that would have a negative connotation and I do not want that. I chose to eat these knowing that my body and my brain are going to start getting along. I could have and used to eat a corndog and some type of loaded with calories dessert washed down with a coke or something of the like. But these past 20 days have taught me a thing or two. The most important is that I have will-power and I will use it against which ever entity refuses to cooperate and I will not be glutinous. This new mindset will make me more healthy and disciplined in the long run.

I have had a very good experience on Metformin. I am rather confused about this - everyone talks about how horrible the side effects are. Don't get me wrong, I recall the Wet/Dry vac scenario. But that is just 2 days out of 20. I am also confused on my weight issues. Keep in mind, I have stuck to a very strict plan for 20 days. I would have thought that by now, I would see a difference in the way clothes fit on me. I don't mean they should be falling off my boney frame, but they should feel looser or I should need to go up a belt notch. But I don't. Maybe in 10 more days, I will see something. I just always heard that if you cut out sodas and replace with waters, you will see a difference.

As far as ovulation - I don't believe it happened- I have not had any CM nor do I use a kit since the Dr said I don't ovulate. Those sticks are expensive. Especially, if you don't ovulate. They make you use about 20 sticks a month at $50 a box of 30. I decided that in 2 periods, I am going to start using the fertility monitor again. Just to see. That will be 3 cycles into the diet change. I would just like to see if that helped me any. I am not even sure I fully understand the CM thing being that I can honestly say that I have not experienced that in years - and by years I mean probably 10 years.

Anyone else know or know how to tell if Metformin is "working"?


Baby Blues said...

It takes three months before Metformin starts working. I really think it just helps you ovulate on your own, but if you really want to induce ovulation, Clomid is better. Metformin works differently on each person. No harm in taking it, but it doesn't have guarantees either.

lisalou said...

I started Metformin in January and so far as I am not's not working.

However, I have noticed that my food energy does seem to burn a little more evenly through out the day and I haven't had as many sugar cravings as usual. I have lost about 8 pounds since starting the drug bu that could be due to the fact that, like you, I have been cutting all the foods on the no no list. Also, I had gained 10 pounds in the year leading up to this whole thing from indulging in calming treats every time I got my period.

I am not sure if I am ovulating either... I have a doctors appointment in April and we may be starting clomid.

Your post so reminds me of what we're going through. Take Care and I'll be back to check on you.