Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Eat what you are Served

I have been so busy lately with work, preparing for a training completion date of March 30. BOY I can not wait for this to be over - i wish i could go into it more but am really afraid that it would cross lines- It has really added extra stress in my life that is rather unneeded.

Well here is an update: Day 20 on Metformin, CD 29 (period ..where are you ??)

Now let me warn you about my diet. I have had some work situations that I ended up working 15 hours on saturday and 16 hours on sunday. I was having to travel to a from location that was not condusive to having restrooms near or being able to prepare my own meals. Therefore I had to adjust. As in real life situations, I had to eat what I was served. While i was busy, working and traveling, this above message created a bit of an irony for myself. "having to eat what i was served" now has a few different messages. one - learn to adapt and go with the flow, be flexible, creative and professional, and work with the situation at hand - in short ADAPT. For many of us, we know people that can not adapt well, and I, at times, can be that person. I feel threatened by changes or broken plans and I let that get to my inner core and just eat away at my life- when I should just say Ok, it is what it is - and ADAPT. two- just like in life, things have changes, seasons, cycles, foods, lifestyles, medicine, laws, atmosphre, etc on and on we can add to this list. and with all these changes.

Now here is the practical assessment: I was so hardpressed to "make this lifestyle work for me" I am greatful for the ability and will power I had to cut out wheat, yeast and sugars except those in natural fruits. It was a good 25 days of discipline and I can not tell you how rewarding it felt for me to be able to do this for as long as I did. It gave me a greater appreciation and understanding for how my body reacts to foods. Also- i notice that with the metformin, i am NEVER hungry. I do not know if that is a good or a bad thing? I will have to ask my dr at the next appointment.

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Reproductive Jeans said...

I am sorry about the work stress--I know how that goes. Hope AF shows up REAL soon!