Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thanks Giving

Gobble Gobble

My husband gave alil more than I would have liked him to. Remember me complaining that He had been sick for like a month now .... Well, He finally shared his germs my way.

On Thursday, Thanksgiving .. MT and I got up early and drove to my parents house in time to see the parade. I wasn't feeling that great but figured it was due to lack of sleep. Around lunch time, I began feeling pretty achy. I was trying to tough it out since E was at work and my parents were making food and hostessing. Time to eat ..I thought I would feel better after I ate .... but it only got worse. Around 5pm, I decided that I should take my tempt because I noticed I was shaking. It was 101.5 I asked my mom to watch MT and I went and took a nap on the couch. By 7pm, I was just feeling awful. Everything hurt ..my eyelids ached. E got off work and came over to my parents for dinner. Only to find me in miserable shape. After he ate dinner and watched a movie, We loaded up the car and drove home. We left his car there, I didn't think I was in any shape to drive. Around midnight, All hell broke lose. I could no longer keep anything down. I lost my lunch over and over and over again ..... if you catch my drift. It was uncontrollable and unstoppable. This continued into the morning. I called my dr and they got me right in. Temp was still 101.5 and climbing.... She insisted that I had food poisoning. I told her no one else had any problems with dinner, just me. Then she did a pregnancy test ... If I would have been feeling better, I would have really laughed about the whole urine pee test ... but whateve ..... She said that it looks like I have a bladder infection because of my pee being so dark. I told her that was probably dehydration .... She agreed and took back the rx for the antibiotics. .... She was closing and instructed me that if I vomited anymore and could not keep fluids down, I needed to go to the ER...... *not much help - things I already knew. Well, I wasn't even able to get out of her office without throwing up. But I went home and tried to sleep it off .... but there was no chance of that, My stomach had other plans .... SO basically after putting it off .. I called my mother to meet us at the ER so she could watch MT while we waiting in the ER ..... Believe it or not Black Friday is a slow day for the ER ..We were in an out in under 2 hours. I was given 2 bags of IV and 2 rounds of zof.ran (my savior drug). They sent me home with ph.ene.rgan rx. I took that for 2 days and I feel like an almost whole person again. I still have a headache, I think I am alil dehydrated still ..I am working on that though ....

Somewhere in all of this, My parents (that god they live close) kept MT over night. Friday night when My mom picked him up at the ER, I was talked into just letting him stay with him. It was the best for everyone. I Thank God that they are able to do that for us ..because I was in a bad way for a while. Bad news is that this is the way my husband started out sick 1 month ago .... I cannot be sick for 1 month .. I do not have the patience for that.

Also - Did I mention that My MIL was supposed to come over Saturday but E called her and told her not to because of me not feeling well and were on our way to the ER. She repeatedly went on and on about how that was NOT convenient to her schedule (me being sick). She wants to see her grandson and she has off that day .... and hasn't seen him in months...... . blah blah blah ..... (no one has stopped her from seeing MT - she has just pre-occupied with other issues ... and now that issue is back in jail, she is bored and lonely) E had to remind her that we were on our way to the ER and that he had to go ... this woman is so obnoxiously selfish ......

But onto brighter endings .. MT is now able to sit up in his own.
(this is him Skyping with his Auntie M for thanksgiving)

A cool stool a friend of mine gave him .. We pull up the bumbo seat and use it like a table so far - notice the droool ...Yes we are still teething

Two Teeth


Hilary said...

Feel better soon!!

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry you were so miserably sick. I hope you're feeling better and that this doesn't drag on.

The evil MIL just needs a lobotomy. That would make her less evil and probaby much more enjoyable to be around! (i am so not nice)

Look at your big boy! He has grown so much!!! Brings tears to my eyes. Sitting up all on his own...awwwwwwwww!!!!

Anonymous said...

Sooo big! You've got a heartbreaker on your hands! :)

Sorry you're sick. I know the feeling. Thankfully mine was of the 24 hour variety. Sending you healthy thoughts! :)

Mel said...

Oh man, that SUCKS. I am glad you are feeling better. I had something like this last spring and couldn't even keep down water. Zofran is a life saver for sure.
MT looks so cute and BIG! OMG, when did he become such a big boy?!?!

Wordgirl said...

Oh I'm sorry you're so sick -- being sick is just simply AWFUL.

I'm glad your family could be there for you and I'm sorry about the MIL issue...

Your son is SOOOOO cute - look how BIG he's getting!



AJ's mommy said...

do you remember exactly when he started sitting up on his own? Austin is pretty close with some assistance so I was just curious!

I love that skyping pic.. that is way cool.

And of course I love the stool... that is my fav :)

I am SO sorry you have been ill. That sounds horrible... I hope you get to feeling better soon.

When you get a chance I sent you a message on facebook. Was curious how things are going in that area!

Dreamer4agift said...

Ugh, no fun being sick at all! I'm so sorry.

MIL, blah, tell her to take a hike over to visit him in jail.

And, btw, what a cute stool!!


oh no! how horrible. and i was wondering about you b/c you haven't blogged in a few days. unlike you! glad you seem to be on the mend! mt gets cuter and cuter!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

ICK. I'm on my 3rd cold in four weeks, so I feel your pain! I hope you feel better soon! ((HUGS))

Jen said...

I hope you are feeling better! I also have parents that live close, I don't know what'd I'd do with out them. I'm so impressed with mt sitting! Little N is almost there, but does not sit long on his own. And the teeth! My goodness!!! Are you still nursing? Does he bite? Again, no teeth for us yet either. Continue to feel better!

Rebecca said...

That is the pits!!! Hope you're better soon! The pictures are wonderful...thanks for posting!

JJ said...

Look at that handsome man--and teeth! Yowzas! Hope you are feeling better-my whole family had that this past week! Yuck!

hope548 said...

I hope you feel better very soon and don't have to mess with being sick for a whole month. Sounds awful! Your boy is so cute!

My word verification word is "appiness." Like happiness in cockney!

Photogrl said...

I hope the IV fluids and the drugs do the trick and get you feeling better soon! ((HUGS))

I love the pic of MT in his gobble shirt...he is getting SO big!

Cibele said...

I had the same nasty stuff 2 days before Thanksgiving and I have no family close, it was ahrd, very hard. I am glad that you are feeling better. MT is doing so good, look at him sitting up like a big boy. He is so cute, Lyla needs to meet him ASAP!LOL.
Why our in laws have to drive us crazy??????

Kate said...

I hope you feel better - no fun!!

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

I hope you are feeling better!!!

I am stating to think that MT is looking A LOT like his Momma. :o)

Courtney said...

Farah, I'm so sorry that you were that sick! What a horrible way to spend the holiday. :( It sounds like at least your parents were a help to you (can't say as much for the MIL). I hope you get to feeling completely well very, very soon!

*Your little man is the cutest thing, and is getting so big. Look at those teeth!