Saturday, December 13, 2008

6 months

Little Late but .. Have I mentioned that I have a 6 month old ... Where does the time go?

Things note worthy:

  • MT thoroughly enjoys standing. He likes to hold onto your fingers, or his bouncy chair, etc and rock from foot to foot (side to side). He could do this for hours. He gets weary but insists on still trying.
  • We had a bedtime routine down. A week before I went back to work, He decided he would demand a new bedtime routine that resembles chaos ... Just to keep us guessing. I was told that from 4-6 months they can develop a new sleep routine .... I guess we are one of those statistics? But We will make it work. It's not that terrible, So far once we get him to sleep, he will sleep for about 7-10 hours .. So I am not complaining at all. It just was one more thing that I was not expecting.
  • He can fully sit on his own and pull himself up on things.
  • He rocks the exersaucer back and forth until it looks like it is totally going to tip over ...
  • He is finally eating solids pretty much every day. This still seems very complicated to me. I am still trying to figure out when is best to feed him the solids and still get the amount of liquid intake. I don't know why this is so tricky for me. (still no cereal, he hates it and just spits it all out ..every bite, Even if I mix something that he likes in it)
  • The MT that was holding his bottle pretty much all the time a few months ago, has decided that I should hold all his bottles. Unless he wants to use it as a chew toy
  • We have days were I can just lay him down for a nap and he will just close his eyes and go to sleep. Then I have days that require alot of tears before sleeping is involved. Since MT was little, we would place a blanket over him while holding him. Like one may do if they are breastfeeding. Well, this is something that he has grown accustom to. He sleeps with a blanket covering his head. In fact, If i want him to take a nap , I have to place a blanket over his head and most days, he instantly closes his eyes. (please - no stories and don't judge me and yes I understand) I do get lots of disapproving looks and comments but Sleep is needed and sleep we will get.
  • He has quite the temper. He will let you know about it. Loudly. I am actually worried about this trait as he gets older. I will mostly deal with this situation when we are able to understand each other.
  • He is pretty demanding. Maybe all babies are. He hates tummy time still. I can maybe muster up 5 mins here and there but only If I am (or someone else) is down on the floor with him. If not you will get to see his temper in all it's glory. If he decides he just wants to be held, Nothing else will do. Until You can distract him with something else. Am I learning him or Is he learning me ... ?!? Then, we have days like today where he never cried at all, except refusing to go to sleep tonight.
  • He is reaching for people when/if he wants to be held and held by a particular person.He started doing this a few weeks ago
  • I beleive he is getting his top tooth already. He already has 2 bottom ones, but it looks like the top tooth is busting through. He is drooling like a flowing fountain
  • His hair is a weird two tone color. It has seemed to lighten up on top. Sometimes is looks blonde, other times it looks reddish still. The back is still like a reddish brown ... Weird. But it is hair and we will take it. His long beautiful eyelashes are red though ... So who knows what will happen
  • He knows when to ham it up already. He loves to coo and jabber when being the center of attention. And he actually seems to know when he is the center of attention ...It's bizarre.
  • He has started getting spooked by strangers. Which i still do not understand why strangers try to get up in babies spaces ... But he has freaked out on a few ... Hope they learned their lesson ;)
  • He loves pirate voices, Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh Matey.
  • It seems like things are easier now. It seems that most days go by smoothly and more things get accomplished. Controlled chaos comes to mind.

I am sure I forgot things that I meant to document. *i may come back and add to the list just for longevity. Life here is good .. regardless of all the frustrating anxiety driven posts. We are enjoying life more than ever. My MIL came over today with her youngest kids and we went to a winter festival. It was actually one of the better visits we have ever had. It was only for a day and they left after we were all done. I consider that a win/win.



Polka Dot said...

About the hair - My husband is very pale and has very blonde hair (what's left of it, that is lol) with dark blue eyes and really light eyelashes.

The top is lighter, the back and sides are darker. And the back and sides sometimes look reddish.

His beard grows in a dark red.

So I think it's a blonde / red-head sort of thing. It seems to me to be totally normal.

Jen said...

All wonderful! A tip for tummy time is to put a non breakable mirror on the floor and let him look into it. And then put some balls/toys on it too. Babies love to look at babies! It's funny the stranger danger little ones have. N gets this great big quivering lip when strangers come up to him. He also does it to my mom....
6 months has come so quick!

Anonymous said...

Such a prince! How did he get so big so fast? Remind me not to wish my days away, I forget how quickly time goes. :)

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I have to admit, when you mentioned the blanket while sleeping I could not help but giggle. I *WISH* I could employ this method with Lemy. Oh, how much easier my life would be! :)

Sounds like things are going beautifully! He is such a handsome little man! :) Time really does fly. **SIGH**


Nicky said...

We use the blanket over the head thing for naps sometimes, too. LL doesn't need it all the time, but when there's a lot of stimulation around and we need to block it out so he'll sleep, we cover his head. Nothing thick that would smother him or anything, so I think it's fine. Let 'em judge! :)

Katie said...

Happy SIX months, MT!!! How on earth did THAT happen?!?!

Courtney said...

It's so great to get caught up on all that MT is doing these days (it gives me a little perspective on the months ahead for us). I LOVE that picture of him, and the outfit is so adorable. :)

Amanda said...

He is such a cutie!! Thanks for posting this.. gives me a preview of things to come with my little one who's almost 5 months old... :)

Rebecca said...

Sounds great...wouldn't judge you at all about the blanket do what you gotta do! You're the know what works hell with any judgments! Love the picture and all of the updates! Thanks!

Wordgirl said...

Look how BIG he's getting...

Farah, he's so beautiful -- you are a fantastic mother -- you can just see it in his smile.



AJ's mommy said...

I love that outfit in that picture.

AJ and MT have some similarities for sure :)

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

Blah, Blah, Blah, get to the picture! KIDDING!!! :o)

I just love this kid. Are you into arranged marriages?