Sunday, December 21, 2008

Proving I can leave the house before 9am

MT has surgery in the morning. (to correct some male related issues) I am not as nervous as I thought I would be, yet. I am sure tomorrow standing there in the hospital turning my baby over to the surgical team, that is when I will start panicking. I kept him up a little late tonight to try to get more fluids in him. I can breastfeed him until 6am. We have to be at the hospital at 7:30am. I am actually very nervous about his demeanor tomorrow morning after 6 am when I can no longer feed him. He is not a calm, mellow fellow when it comes to food. He is quite loud and demanding when he wants to eat. I think I am so nervous about that aspect of the morning that I haven't even allowed myself to get as far as thinking about the actual procedure and anesthesia part of the day. I did cling to him alittle tighter today. I did hold him pretty much every nap today ... Just because I can.

We actually made it to church this morning. Church is during one of his naptimes. Which is one reason why we haven't been much in the mornings. I was worried how this would work for us. But, he sat in my lap and played with his monkey, then got sleepy. He laid his head down on my shoulder while we were standing and singing. I put the blanket over him, bounced him and he just went to sleep until the service was over. I tried to get him in the car seat but that's when he woke up. He really is a good boy.

One good thing that returning to work p/t has done has allowed me to figure out how to get out of the house before 9am with my child. This weekend, we have left the house before 9am both mornings. Saturday morning, we went to a Christmas parade. The library had people giving books to children throughout the parade. I thought that was a fantastic idea. We walked away with a ton of books. MT was sleeping for the beginning when about 15 fire trucks and police vehicles were announcing the start of the parade with their sirens. This kid really could sleep through anything..

I started my period today. I can't wait until tomorrow. I can begin taking tylenol again. Since MT couldn't have any meds before his surgery, I figured I better not as well.... but boy could I use some cramp relief .... and SOON

I'll leave you with our christmas card for the yr:
I wish everyone a very blessed season.

If you have any input on car seats, please help those of us getting ready to purchase new ones.


Photogrl said...

Yay for getting out of the house earlier! The parade sounded like fun, and what a good boy to fall asleep during church.

I'll be thinking about all of you tomorrow...


As for car seats, I'm a little out of touch on those. My baby is already in a booster! But I think I bought a Costco convertible after she grew out of the travel system seat.

Courtney said...

Love, love, love those pictures on your card - so cute! Best of luck tomorrow, and I will be thinking about you and MT.

Wordgirl said...

Look at that smile -- what a cutie!

May things go swiftly and this particular moment pass without too much stress -- I imagine that's easy to say -- W went to the emergency room recently for stitches and all of us were in a tizzy.

It goes without saying that I'm wishing you and yours a wonderful, peaceful and love-filled Christmas, Farah,



JJ said...

Thinking of you all today! And love, love, love the card--SO cute!

AJ's mommy said...

Love the Christmas card pic.... and good luck today... thinking of you guys!

Jen said...

Way to go Farah, I can get myself out the door for work, but still find it difficult to get the whole family out. Adorable Christmas card!! I hope MT's appt, goes quick and easy.

ms. c said...

Awesome card. I can't get enough of MT, he's s delish.
Hope today's surgery was uneventful.

Kate said...

Thinking of you guys today!!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

LOVE your card. That MT is just oo cute for words. :)

Thinking of you all today and sending lots of prayers, hugs and positive thoughts your way. ((HUGS))

Mel said...

Thinking of you guys today and hoping MT's surgery goes beautifully.
(as for carseats, we registered for the Britax Marathon because that was everyone's recommendation... you might check the baby bargains website for the new one you are interested in!)

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

I hope all went well today! Love that little one (and his momma too!) :o)

Christine Slay said...

Glad to hear surgery went well.. I hope you all are enjoying the holidays together as a family (we are with our 7 month old)! As for car seats.. we have a bruiser on our hands and had to get out of the Graco SnugRide at 4 months of age. We bought the Sunshine Kids Radian 80 and it ROCKS! Look it up online and you will see it outdoes the Britax models in weight and size for the job! It's awesome!