Sunday, November 2, 2008

Road Trip .. No not like the movie

I hope everyone had a great Halloween/candy night. Thank you for the compliments on the picture. I was quite proud of it myself. *there is an optical illusion in that picture ... E is behind the ledge hiding supporting MT's back ... He cannot sit up that good yet w/o support. but he wishes he could.

Janna tagged me for I Heart Your Blog Pictures, Images and Photos ...Back at you Janna

The way this works is I answer the following questions with single word responses, and pass the award on to 7 other bloggers:

1. Where is your cell phone? charging
2. Where is your significant other? Kitchen
3. Your hair color? brown
4. Your mother? tired
5. Your father? working

6. Your favorite thing? family
7. Your dream last night? none
8. Your dream/goal? Bakery

9. The room you're in? Computer

10. Your hobby? TV

11. Your fear? Making wrong decisions

12. Where do you want to be in six years? home
13. Where were you last night? parents

14. What you're not? Prompt
15. One of your wish list items? part time job

16. Where you grew up? Tarpon

17. The last thing you did? ate
18. What are you wearing? PJ's
19. Your T.V.? Recording
20. Your pet? Rambunctious

21. Your computer? old
22. Your mood? somber
23. Missing someone? nope
24. Your car? packed

25. Something you're not wearing? shoes
26. Favorite store? Target
27. Your Summer? HOT
28. Love someone? deeply
29. Your favorite color? purple
30. When is the last time you laughed? today
31. Last time you cried? yesterday

I love all your blogs .. Sooo Consider yourself tagged if you are reading mine!

I am off to my sister's to help get ready for her wedding. Road trip with me and MT .... E will be riding up with my parents on Wednesday. Wish me luck. It's my first trip by myself w/ MT and first time away from E in a long time. I hope I have everything I needed to bring. I am really excited.

We have MT's follow up appointment at the ped urologist on Monday. I am not looking forward to this appointment. I know that my husband has decided to go ahead and correct some of the issue. He has adhesion's that will need to be cut off, basically a re-circ ... In order to do this they will have to put him under .. I do not feel good about this .AT. ALL .. I am trying not to think about it until at the Dr's office because i just get choked up and dwell on it and end up crying about it. ... GAH, it's just not a pleasant thing to think about ....

Updates After the Wedding .. Or Wednesday when E joins us and I get the laptop back


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Have fun at the wedding! I'll be thinking of you and MT--poor little guy! ((HUGS))

Jen said...

Have fun, relax, enjoy and update when you return. BTW, what kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are so clear!

Jen said...

Good luck on the trip! You can do it!

AJ's mommy said...

Hope the trip is going smoothly!!!

Amanda said...

I hope the trip is going smoothly!!!

Try not to stress about MT. This will probably be much worse for you than for him!


I hope the wedding is beautiful and goes smoothly!!!!

FattyPants said...

have fun on your trip! Those first teeth suck. We've had one completely break through and the other is on the way. I wish the both of you a speedy tooth growing.