Sunday, August 10, 2008


First Off ... I apologize for the short, snarky post the past few days .. I guess that the hormonally induced AF got ahold of me - it sucks and I am sorry

Secondly - Packing with a new small family member that requires so many different gadgets, Is beyond interesting .. Generally Speaking, I overpacked ..but I felt it was better to be prepared than caught off guard.

Things I packed -
Anticipated 3-4 Outfit changes a day
Anticipated 2 dirty blankets a day
Pack n Play and sheets
wash cloth/towels
boucey seat
bottle warmer
dishwasher basket
diaper bag and etc.

Things I forgot and had to go buy
Bottle Brush
Diapers (yes i really forgot diapers)
Baby Wash

Things I Wish I had brought -
Baby Monitor

The vacation, so far, as been great fun (in spite of AF and her shockingly early arrival). The others are catching us some lobster which I am very glad about. We are having a great time. Let's see how we all manage after the 7/8 hour car ride tomorrow. We left at night the first time so I was not worried about MT sleeping .. But tomorrow we are leaving during the day - should be interesting.

Of course, Here are some pics:







Rachel Inbar said...

He's so cute :-)

When I packed for the plane I packed way too much, but overall I didn't have enough and ended up buying more clothes... It's so hard to tell what you'll actually need.

Kate said...

OMG! That onsie is so hilarious!!!

Sugar and Ice said...

I LOVE that pirate shirt!! lol...if they only had something like that for girls!

Heather said...

I love his onesie!

And you look great carrying him in that wrap. Is it complicated? Is it comfortable? (Have I asked you these things before? I'm totally infatuated with these things so I ask everyone.) said...

How cute is he?! I can't believe how big he's getting. And I too love the pirate onesie!!

Jen said...

What beautiful pictures!! I love is little onesie. I'm glad you are enjoying the vacation. Can you stay in town till the evening to drive home?

T-Mommy said...

It seems you are all enjoying the break!

I think you will be fine during the car ride, even if it is during the day. I am sure the movement will make MT sleepy and will nap a lot.

AF is not too bad - take this from someone who doesn't know if her cycles will ever come back! -

Jen said...

He is just so adorable. Gets cuter in every picture!

Barb said...

My GOD he is adorable!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

He is just too cute!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are just completely amazing. He's getting so big and so alert! And I LOVE the sling. Very cool!

Dugi said...

That toy/rattle is the best thing ever! We have one too and baby loves it! He's so transfixed by all the cute things that it says and the blinking lights. (can u tell I LOVE it too? hehe)
Your little one is looking so cute....the hair and cheeks...adorable!