Saturday, August 2, 2008

A few Questions/comments

Nothing too eventful has been going on just some random questions/comments to throw out into cyberspace -

My dad is really uncomfortable with me nursing. Before anyone says it's none of his business - I know it's not and we are going to continue - My father just says that he doesn't feel comfortable about the whole thing. So it makes me nervous and a lil freaked out embarrassed as him. I bring bottles - we are still using bottles but sometimes, MT just wants to nurse ... We will work through it .. Pleasures of having parents so close and involved.

Ok next - Anyone ever deal with Thrush - We seem to have a very very very very very mild case of it and I am trying a few home rememdies this weekend before callin in the big guns. I accidently wore a tank/bra twice on wednesday - and by Friday noticed very mild stinging every few times I pumped/nursed . I have been using this website as a guide this weekend. I am using the olive oil and vinegar wash .. seems to be helping alot. I went and rewashed everything and bought more tanks/bras. I am afraid to treat MT with anything in the mouth but this website has a few suggestions for him but I am timid to try - anyone ever done baking soda/water paste or ac.idophi.lus on their newborn (well technically almost 8 week old)?

I went to the nursing mom's group again - MT decided to be fussy the whole time unless he was sleeping - Apparently I am that mom with the fussy kid .. He was just out of sorts and tired - I felt bad but really wanted to stay .. I get good information and feedback there. He eventually fell asleep and all was well.

Somedays are harder then others - He likes to be held some days more than others. And quite honestly, I don't really care what the books say - we will do what we can to make it through the day with as little bad habits and needing a therapist is possible.

I had more to say/ask .. I may be back asking for more ...


DrSavta said...

For the thrush-- all of the info is interesting, but a quick course of doctor recommended treatment can knock it our for good in a couple of days. My son had thrush and after about 2 days of swabbing his tongue it was gone and when the 5 day period of treatment was over, so was the thrush for good.

Heather said...

Do you cover up when your Dad is around? Do you leave the room? Just curious.

Fertilized said...

Yes,I usually do it in a bedroom behind a closed door (actually done it in the car once). I am not compleltely comfortable with the public bf myself so i make sure that I do not do it in the company of others. It isn't done often at my parents house. He just brings it up in conversation or makes comments about it alot

Allison said...

first of all I'm so sorry your dad is uncomfy with your nursing MT. That makes all the hard effort you are doing even harder. I would just keep doing what you are doing. Nursing, public or not, gets easier and easier, I promise. You are doing an amazing job!

I just battled thrush naturally and a decently bad case at that (my nipples, her mouth, and her bottom). I used for my resource. This was what I did for 2 weeks (or until it was gone)

1) acidophilus orally 2 times/day (me)
2) pau d'arco tincture (no alcohol from health food store) 2 times/day (both of us)
3) vinegar rinse every nursing for my nips and every diaper change for her diaper area.
4)OTC lotrimin for her diaper area with A&D ointment

the pau d'arco also comes in a tea by traditional medicinals....tastes a little woody but not bad.

lastly, did I mention you are doing an awesome job! keep it up!!

sara said...

I don't have a ton of experience with thrush other than seeing people who were at the point that needed some medication (bigger guns I guess?). But I think that's just because by the time someone is at a hospital it's severe or on a weekend, or offshift - you know? But I would definitely give the stuff you are seeing a chance first if possible. Many people never get to that point. I'll be sending all my thrush squashing good thoughts your way sweetie!

Sorry about your dad and the breastfeeding thing. I hope something works out. The other day when I was at my mom and dad's while the house was being painted my mom picked me up a few things from the store. I wanted to have some disposable breast pads and some cream (lasinoth - sp?) on hand just in case I had early leaking or ended up in the hospital sooner than I thought. (silly me and my control freak - plan ahead tendencies!) Well, my sweet dad peaked in the bag and I thought he was going to barf when he saw what my mom bought me, LOL! Priceless...yeah he wouldn't do too well with me breastfeeding I'm sure when the time comes. What to do with our dads...hmmmm.

Delenn said...

BFing in public is hard. With Michael I did not even try it--I hid myself away. This time I am bolder and I take the attitude that I am just giving her a natural bottle. Somehow, framing it that way for myself gives me confidence. As for your dad, I think maybe you going away is bringing attention to it? Maybe it would be better if you did it more casually (if that can actually be done). I have found that if I am going about the normalcies at home (i.e. we are watching a movie or chatting with friends) if I just subtly "whip it out" and cover up with my shirt---they sometimes don't even realize I am doing it.

Hope this helps.

A New Beginning said...

We also have those days where she just wants to be held and nothing else. Sometimes I love those, b/c she will not be this size for long, other days, I sooo need to get things done and would like to set her down for a minute.

I am glad the BF group helps you so much. That is wonderful.

Marcy "meg" said...

I have no suggestions yet... hopefully someday soon :)

I am glad the breastfeeding is going so well though!

Mountain Girl said...

I wonder if Daddy's just have a hard time knowing that their little girl is grown up - having s*x, birthing a baby, and nursing a baby. I guess he will get over it when the baby is done nursing.

Sugar and Ice said...

I didn't have thrush, but you should go to Becca's blog (Smoochy 4's on my blogroll). She just finished a two month long battle with it. I'm sure she'd have some insight for your.

Dads are funny. I never nursed in front of my dad; I knew he would be uncomfortable with it...and him being uncomfortable would make me uncomfortable. I actually really didn't nurse much in front of anyone other than my husband and my mother. It was just a personal choice. I think I'll be a little more comfy this time...but not in front of my dad, lol.

SarahHub said...

Just found your blog -- wish I had known about it years ago! Infertility is a hard struggle, and I'm glad you've had a great outcome!

Nursing around dads is hard. I got over my shyness after a few months, and nursed with my father-in-law IN THE ROOM, using a nursing cover. I've been nursing for almost 19 months, so I could probably do it with the Pope in the room by now.

lub said...

I haven't had to deal with thrush- yet. Those remedies sound very natural and safe. As far as your dad. I know you aren't asking for advice but I just wanted you to know that I think he'll get used to it. Do what you can- that's all anyone can ask of you! Take care!

Nurse Lochia said...

I think you're dad will get used to the idea of you breastfeeding. My dad and FIL were both incredibly uncomfortable with the whole breastfeeding thing, but after I think 4-5 months, they got used to it. I would leave the room with Jacob, but after about 4-5 months, I said to heck with it and I just fed him, but kept covered up. With Isaiah, I usually don't even bat an eye to go ahead and nurse him. I'm sure they were/are still a bit uneasy with it but they don't say too much.
And I'm all about bucking against advice/books what works for you! It sounds like you're doing an awesome job!

Jenny said...

I've used the acidoph paste on my nipples for thrush. Works with one or two applications!

Anonymous said...

I've got no ad/assvice on the thrush, but tons of good wishes are beign sent your way!

I'm sure not many dad's are too comfortable with their little girls BF, but they all need to get over it. I bet you many of them nursed...hee hee hee! I may have fun shocking my FIL after the boys are born. But I doubt I'll do it around any of my BILs (neither Mr. W's brothers or my sister's husband)...they can all be a little creepy.

Buck the books! You know what works best for you and your baby! :-)

Mackenzie said...

i found your blog from another blog...and i also ignored the books and did what felt right in my heart. We nursed on demand and he also loved to be held. The swing was a God send for us, and I also believe strongly in baby wearing. I bought an ERGO and used it from day one, I also used a sling from Lucky Baby. We still love our Ergo and sling and we are going on 11 months of baby wearing. Good luck, and enjoy the moments as they seem to slip by before you know it.