Monday, June 18, 2007

What I do after a post like yesterday

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That's right - a pedicure !! It felt very nice to just sit in a massaging chair and read for 40 mins !

Resolve must have heard my prayers and screams because they are FINALLY starting a group in Tampa in July. Here is the information:
Tampa, FL Peer-Led Support Group meets the second Wednesday of every month from 7PM-9PM beginning July 11. The July meeting will feature Kathy Foundatin, MS, LMHC, on the topic of "Coping with the stress of infertility." For more information or to RSVP, please call 727.612.0573.

THIS IS FABULOUS NEWS. It also just may have saved me $650 because I contacted the leader a few months ago (before i started this blog) and she and another woman lead a mind/body group for infertile couples but my husband and I figured that $650 was alittle out of our price range for therapy. So that is why I started the blog in the first place - to save my sanity and $650 for actual treatments instead eof group therapy.

I also saw that Teamwinks is starting a up a Resolve group in Huntsville, Alabama. Here is that information: The Huntsville, AL Peer-Led Support Group meets the third Wednesday of every month at 6PM to discuss topics on general infertility. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Becky at

THANK YOU!! Thank you very much for the kind and generous comments left on my blog today. I didn't realize that it was the first day for the Commentathon and slightly embarrassed that was a first post for some of you to read. I hope it doesn't run you off. I promise, there is a lot of fun had too. It was very nice tosee all the comments on my blog, I love meeting/reading about new people! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

CHEERS to getting to new new names/blogs


Anonymous said...

The toes look great!

Caro said...

The toes really do look fab! I wonder if I can get mine done before my trip?

sharah said...

Yay for a new RESOLVE chapter and thanks for the advertisement for our effort! It would be so nice to get a full chapter going up here.

And I hope you followed your cool cat's lead and had a martini with that pedicure -- nothing like a little pampering and indulging to make you feel better. {Hugs}

Nichole said...

Ahhhh! I really want to get a pedicure. Maybe next weekend!
As for your blog yesterday, you shouldn't apologize for it. I think the raw true emotion is what really draws people to reading each others blogs. This is a place where we can express our true feelings and emotions and not have to worry about stepping on "fertiles" toes or being judged.
Write what comes to you!

Artblog said...

Ooh nice feet! What colour is that exactly :) X Artblog