Thursday, June 28, 2007

Days 4 and 5

Still holdin' out on being pretty mellow. Those that know me in real life, I will wait for you to pick yourself off the floor because you KNOW that I am nothing but mellow ever. Weird I tell ya. So its day CD9. Last day for the pills and first day my CBE Monitor FINALLY asked for a stick. I thought the damn thing was broken. I thought i bought a box of OTC OPK's but i cannot find them anywhere. So i am heading to the store tonight to buy some of those too. Yes, I am OCD when it comes to POAS looking for the Big-O. I do not Ovulate often (thus my IF suffrage and PCOS). I find reason to celebrate when I get a positive OPK - but I also don't beleive it either because of PCOS (false readings or no readings). I am experiencing alot of bloating in my mid section and still that weird, wet, thick gross-ness i spoke of the other day. I should also mention that my Chesticles are KILLING ME. They are like that Shakira song: Whenever, Wherever: " Lucky that my breasts are small and humble,So you don't confuse them with mountains". Today they could be confused with mountains, they are not only sensitive, they hurt like a mofo!!! I guess in all actuallity, I will take the hurting boobies over the irrational mood, jagged crying, fits I had last time.


Diana said...

chesticles!!! hahahahahahahh! love it!

SaraS-P said...

Hoping for a positive OPK or monitor reading soon. I know I hate waiting for those!

KarenO said...

I love this post of yours! Thanks so much for all the wonderful comments you left on my blog today - you got me crying there with a few of them. Now I just need to go find your email addy so I could mail you... :)