Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Random Factoids about Me

Kelly tagged me so is goes

1. I am almost 31 and can not see scary movies. It totally messes with my head and does something to my soul. (one in my profession would think that I could be tougher than a 4 yr old- but ANY type of Scary (not suspense) is WAY too much for me to handle.

2. I have been wanting a tattoo since I was 16 and have not gotten one yet, but already have the design and spot, just need to get the gumption.

3. My dream job would be to own/operate a bakery/cafe. Where people could come and enjoy baked goods, coffee, good books, and shared times with friends/loved ones.

4. I am blessed with an amazingly loving family. My family has been challenged over the past year + and we are struggling (all in different areas) but are all learning the same lesson. It has allowed us to grow in more ways than I could ever imagine. I am truly grateful for every obstacle that we(I) have jumped through. It is a testament of my(our) faith.

5. I grew up in a very small Greek cultured community. I know there is a ,as we referred to it growing up, "American Easter and a Greek Easter". So we got 2 Easters usually. (i dunno why we aren't greek) BUT, I can pronounce Baklava, Spanakopita, Tzatziki sauce, Gyro, Calamari, etc. with the accent - and I have friends that had to eat their Pet for Greek Easter .................. TRAUMATIZING. They taught us the greek language in elementary public school

6. I had 2.75 ovaries. I found that out Sept. 06 while doing my Lap. Still to this day totally wigs me out. The Dr removed .75 of an ovary that was blocking (read-inside the opening of my)right Fal. Tube. I have pictures! She was SURE that I would be pregnant in no time after that ..... It's June 07 and 4 rounds of clomid later with no ovulation

7. I have been to the equator - such an amazing place to visit. I should post pics. In college, I went on a missions trip/vacation all over Equador. I would move there in a moments notice.

8. I never thought I would end up back in the same town I spent years trying to get out of and swore I would never come back ........... never say never


lisalou said...

I loved this post!

Alexa said...

I am totally with you on number one--I can't watch scary movies AT ALL and Scott teases me about it all the time. Also, I never thought I would end up back in the midwest. I couldn't wait to go away to college in NY, and if you had told me I would be back here afterwards, I wouldn't have believed you!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hehe, so cute=)
I will go into business venture (3) with you!

TeamWinks said...

No scary movies here either!

Anonymous said...

I can relate to #8, except I never left. Growing up, I had plans of living in a lot of different places. I actually now live about 5 min from the house I grew up in.

Thanks for sharing!