Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Endings ..... with Possiblities

Today is it ..... Gilmore Girls will be O.V.E.R. I have been an avid watcher(even through the rough seasons of bad writing). My My.space page has been an ode to them from time to time. (along with its unique address)
It feels as if I should have a going away party for my family members. I understand that they are just fictional characters, but I really got sucked in long ago. My mother used to have to record them and Dawson Creek and send me the VCR tapes because when I went away to school, the town did not get the W.B at that time. (sad huh, I went to a big place for school - it wasn't back woods - i swear) I use TV to relax. I get way too involved into the shows I watch and I am very loyal. I will watch the show even when its just plain BAD .. then I will make fun of myself after I watch. A limited # of TV Shows/Movies (and sometimes music) just have this trance effect on me. They allow me to just stop thinking for a while and relax- which is VERY hard for me to do otherwise. Gilmore Girls (for the most part) allowed me to do that .. and it will be missed - But If I can't find any other shows that have this effect on me, I do have all seasons on dvd except this last one ;)

On the TTC front - Its like CD4 and we have decided not to do cl.omid yet. We are going to wait one more month. That will be 3 full months on met.formin, and my no caffeine/sugars/yeast diet. I feel much better. I have lost 25 lbs. (going on vacation, i think, made me just maintain my weight and not lose any). My cycle this month although was a little more emotionally painful due to its bad timing, but physically has been quite delightful. YES i said Delightful ... So far no need to run home and change clothes from an unlikely mishap ( like I have had to do in the past). I have not been incredibly moody, or crampy. What I am saying, * i guess* is that AF has not been an unruly visitor thus far ..... and I hope that she stays fairly decent the next couple of days and then I hope she delights in the FL sunlight and schemes with my ovaries and they decide to produce me a nice plump follicle ... wouldn't that just be grand ...

*i gave a link to my my.space page -if you didn't figure that out. It has some vacation pictures - until I can figure out how to post some here


Reproductive Jeans said...

Awesome!! 25lbs is so great--what dedication you have had my dear!
I love all my shows, and get sad when they go off air=( I did watch GG, but not on a regular basis...but its sad its ending!
Hope you get a nice plump follie!

Kate said...

Wow! Good for you! Also, I understand about TV shows. Sometimes it's hard to let go of characters you love. :)