Wednesday, May 16, 2007


As a suggestion from JJ, I sent my husband the same abbreviations and requested that he tell me what each mean. Poor guy, I know he listens to me?!?! Enjoy his responses ;)

AF – Always Faithful
IVF – In Vetro Fertilization
IUI – Inner Uterine Insert
IF – Test tube baby (mix than insert)
PG – Pregnant Girl
TTC – Trying To Conceive
DPO – drug I can't say
BFP – Bastard F***in Period
BFN – Bloody Flowing Nastiness
POAS – The thing that is wrong with my wife's ovaries
OPT – Ovarian Pulminary Test
CD – Clomid
BD – Bloody Discharge

After I watched Gilmore Girls (live because I have visions of my Tivo failing me) and the recorded Dancing with the Stars last night, our TV in the bedroom seriously blew up. They voted a person off (don't want to say who just incase people haven't watched it yet) and we heard a very loud snap/crackle followed by a disturbing electrical fire smoke smell. My husband said he thought it was from the tv but I assured him the tv was fine BECAUSE IT WAS STILL ON .... little did I know about 45 seconds later, that we would be screaming/laughing/panicking about something catching on fire in the inside of the TV which provided smoke and flames shooting out the sides of the TV ( i made a comment about this being more exciting then the finale) ...... Needless to say, today, I got a new TV today

*I can't promise but , I think this will be the only time I will mention Gilmore Girls finale ..... Huuummmm, Not much to say really. I think as a fan of all seven seasons, I deserved alittle more closure than that. On a positive note, it had all its Old Funnies/fast talkin back in it. If the writing could have been that good all 7th season then it would not have needed to end......... OK, now I think I feel better ;)

On a side note, We are currently looking for our mailbox key. Apparrently vacation makes you somewhat forgetful and ditzy because ever since we came back from vacation .. neither one of us can locate our mailbox key .. thus I cannot check my mail .. hopefully I will be able soon, I was looking forward to the postcards ... ... My life, It's never ending chaos


Kate said...

I love the BFP! I should use that one. :) Sorry about your TV!

Reproductive Jeans said...

Hahaha, all the answers are so unique and funny--thanks to your hubby for participating!
Oooo no-sorry about your mail box key! Hope you find it ASAP!

Baby Blues said...

Bloody flowing nasties sounds good to me. Too funny! But he tried.

TeamWinks said...

That's quite the tv debacle! Glad nothing other than the tv was damaged.

Oh, and I completely understand vacation brain. It's just your body's way of remiding you how nice your trip was and how much you wish you were still there!

Cibele said...

Hi, that is my first time here. I am glad that you DH took the quiz, his answers were great! I love BFP and BFN LOL
but I also liked AF... sweet
I hope you find your mail box key

Matthew M. F. Miller said...

I thought the GG finale was good, and I wish the first 2/3 of this season wouldn't have ruined the good thing we had going. Yes, I'm a straight, male GG fan, and I am mourning the loss.

By the way, "Bloody Flowing Nastiness" is genius. Really, great.

I found your blog via Reproductive Jeans - stop by mine sometime and say hi. It's been so great meeting all of the IF bloggers. I'll be checking in on you frequently.

Courtney said...

I absolutely loved the abbr. from your DH! Gave me a good smile. I might try that on mine, but he prob wouldn't participate.