Monday, May 14, 2007


Things that are Back from vacation:
  • Me (had a great time .. more to come w/ pictures I hope)
  • a computer virus on my home computer
  • Good ol' AF - CD3 ( she came 1 day before that holiday we had on sunday - hope came crashing and burning)
  • My organic/no caffeine/no sugar/very little yeast Diet (this lifestyle is hard to maintain when you aren't the one preparing meals) and you should really take a picture when you tell people that you are eating like this ... you get the strangest looks

more to come ...


Reproductive Jeans said...

Glad you are back safe! Cant wait to see pics! Sorry about the virus and CD3-but happy you are doing well on the diet!

Baby Blues said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to photos. Wow, you're brave. I'm going caffeine-free, but I don't think I could survive going sugar-free. I'd be really crabby.

Kate said...

Vacations are the best! Welcome back!