Monday, April 25, 2011

Subconscious or Not

I have a case of writer's block and where do we go from here-itis. So, This is my attempt to get over the hump.

I was watching the New version of the Hottest Zip Code in Cal. and it occurred to me that I have never shared our accidental naming connection to the Old version of the hottest Zip Code in Cal.

MT - the Almost 3 yr old (HOLY COW, WHAT?!) Has a name in Common with This Actor: (this actor and I also have the same birth day but different years - he is a few yrs older) MT's name is part of This Actors Real name and not part of his name on the Show

Army ( the 17 month old) Has a name in common with This Actor: Army's name is part of this actors name on the show.

It was not intentional to name my children after this show BUT I will admit to being a huge fan of this series Back in the day And may have watched it back to back a few times. When I was pregnant w/ MT, I did record it on the soap channel and watch it in order every night during my whole pregnancy. I may or may not even own a Do.nna Ma.rtin Gra.dua.tes Tshirt

We discovered this one night a few months after Army was born. It made for a good chuckle. I have actually only shared this nugget with one other person.


Kathy said...

That's awesome! Too funny that two 90210 hotties may have influenced your sons names! Thanks for sharing. I appreciate that your blogging through your writter's block is helping me to wind down/quiet my mind so I can go to sleep. It might help for me to start with putting my iPhone down... Goodnight and Sweet Dreams! Now I have the theme song in my head. ;)

HereWeGoAJen said...

And here I must admit that I never watched that show. (My mom didn't let me watch anything growing up.)

Anonymous said...

That is funny! And my mom didn't really like me watching that show either. Those teenagers were bad news!

Lollipop Goldstein said...

I have such good memories of watching that show in the common room of my college dorm. Of screaming, "shut up!" to anyone who talked during an episode. We took that show seriously :-)