Friday, April 8, 2011

Ink and Bling

Thank you for all the Bloggie Birthday Wishes, I appreciate them. I already have started to feel that foggy stuffy, heavy feeling of anguish lift off me.

Last night I was watching the new season of that house wife show that is based in NY.C. They introduced a new castmate for the season. (not that it completely matters -but she did do IVM to become pregnant with her twins who are now 16 months old and just watching the first episode I could write about 4 blogs on idiotic misnomers ) The twins happen to be the same age as my youngest. Another fun fact - she posted that she weighed 200 lbs when she was pregnant w/ the twins and HOLY COW , Look at her now ?!. Motivation for me! I can do this ;) ok None of that is actually the topic is which really intrigued me.

She owns a salon. This Salon. Which brings me to what I can't stop thinking of and the marketing possibilities I can help her with. Her salons perform Va.jazz.les AND Pe.nazzle.s!
(oh the unwanted googling traffic I may get) And if that wasn't enough for you, She has now is adding Va.tooing .. I am totally serious! If you don't believe me, Look Here.. Watching these Videos got me thinking - She is Missing a whole different level of clientele ... AND Therapy for her Business.

I mean think of this - Fertility treatments and procedures are ALL ABOUT down there .. You know where ..Ok so,Yes, I am totally going to Go there:

Imagine: Here I am going to the RE/Gyn/OB for Di.ldocam U/S #4 ...... I could go in a get a Va.too or Va'b.ling (yes, I just made up that word) "#4" FOR FUN And pampering And to lighten the Mood. Make it Playful. You know, give me that Extra " I've got a va.too/Va.bling and you will never know" feeling as you pass people in the parking lot or sit in the waiting room ...

Or Get a lil Jazzle for IVF #2, or IUI#1, on and on ..... Put a lil Perk in your step and get a lil bling. Yes? No? Or maybe I have completely lost my mind.

I think it would be hilarious, fun, and pampering to make a few of these appointments before heading to the Frt Clinics. I mean, let's start embracing our bodies. I know it may Seem a lil out there. But I think it sounds slightly Fun and Flirty.

I just think that the IF procedures or so violating and impersonal, Why not.. Have some fun with it. Anything to help get us through it. AND who knows, Maybe it helps put some Pizazz and Spunk back in your relationship ... I know I could have used some spunk and pizazz in that department. Just sayin'

What do you think?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I've always thought a little glitter could lighten the mood.

BigP's Heather said...

Excellent least for the first 437 clinic appointments. After that I can see it as another depressing element.

I love all the house-wifey shows. Well, all reality tv for that matter but definitely the wifey train wrecky goodnessy ones. How is that for made-up words?

Elaine said...! ??? Seriously!?! I can't help but chuckle... =)

Calliope said...

ha ha!!! Love it!!
I'm posting an article about this woman on Who Wants to Know on thursday morning- can I like to your post? I totally didn't hit the angle YOU so brilliantly did!! (more of the SMC/infertility in spotlight angle)