Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Bunny and a Mouse

Sounds like the start of a bad joke right?

Our first Easter was not quite as I expected it would be. My sister, her husband and my grandmother all came to visit and celebrate MT's first Easter. On Thursday, My grandmother started having diarrhea/vomiting.. Saturday morning, my Sister and Mom took her to a walk in clinic, She was in a bad way. They came home and by the time they got home, My mother got it. Then they started dropping like flys. By Sunday Everyone had it. Since I worked all week, We had not seen them since Tuesday. And there was No way we were going to see them if it was that contagious. My head spun thinking about me sick trying to care for an infant or an infant sick or worse case scenario both sick ... So, We just stayed far away. I was sad that they came to hang out with us and all got in pretty bad shape.

So, we did Easter w/o them. We were invited over to a family friend's house and had a blast. Ate lots of good food and got to spend time with some great friends. DSC_0023


They had a puppy just his size and speed. They loved on each other.

Then Monday was an adventurous Day in Orlando. We got to hang out with Jen and Elizabeth and Barb. So MUCH FUN! I believe that Elizabeth is going to tell the story of our day. Here is a picture after we got home and had a bath. Very Tired MT.DSC02347

I had my follow up dr appointment to check on my thyroid. I also asked them to run the whole panel for anemia, diabetes, cholesterol, etc.. Like a work up when you get a physical. *if you don't do this - I highly suggest it.

Good news - Everything was very normal. All results were in the normal range.... Thyroid, Glucose, Liver Function, Cholesterol ..

Bad News - Thyroid, Glucose are normal .... Explains nothing on why I am having weird symptoms. The Dr wants me to make an appointment with my gyn and figure out where my period has gone and why the weight gain is all of a sudden, She strongly suggested a u/s of my ovaries. She also suggested that the weight gain could be my adjusting to not nursing anymore. It's been about 2.5-3 months since I have pumped/nursed. Seems, I am just an overweight, headachey, sluggish, brainfogged person. And that's my norm.

I have an appointment on the 27th for a pap and to discuss what is going.


Barb said...

YAY for the normal! Remember that your glucose does not have to be in the high range to have issues with PCOS or insulin resistance. It often shows nothing. So I'm betting on the pcos being the culprit. Mine is always in the "normal" range as well, but Met helped me a lot.

And let me tell the world right now that MT is EVERY BIT THE CHARMER HE LOOKS IN HIS PHOTOS! What a cute kid. Loved him. :)

And that photo? Looks like he had a rough night. haha.

sara said...

Oh my goodness, the photo of MT and the puppy...I just had to show my hubby the photo. We're both drooling over such a cutie! Honestly, there is nothing cuter! I'm so jealous you got to see Jen and her girl. You are two of my favorite bloggy friends! I'm happy that things were okay with your results, but I'm also sorry that you didn't get more clear answers. Yes - cool things are okay, but not cool that you don't have anymore answers. I'm sorry you're still feeling not the best. I hope that things improve soon ((hugs))

Anonymous said...

Yay for things that are normal. Hopefully you'll get some better info with the OB!

MT looks like SUCH a little boy now! Not a baby anymore (*tear*). He looks like he's gonna be a heartbreaker someday.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

I'm sorry Easter didn't work out as planned, but it looks like you had a good day nevertheless -- the photo of MT and the puppy is ADORABLE!

Like Sara, I'm glad things were all normal though sorry that means you don't have answers for why you aren't feeling right. I hope you feel better soon!

Jen said...

It was such fun! We were all tired too.

Adriane said...

Glad that you had them run the full panel - smart girl. Seeing the OB is the logical next step for sure. I wonder what the weight gain is about? Odd....I really hope they identify something.

LOVED the pic of MT and his Easter shorts. So sweet.

AJ's mommy said...

Outfit is adorable and the binky even matches!!!

He looks so tired in that one picture and just way too cute.

I hope you get to feeling better soon and that you get some answers. Glad the bloodwork is all okay.

Mel said...

Glad everything is ok, but rats that you have no explanation as to your issues! I hope they can figure it out at your OBGYN's office.

That boy is just a perfect angel. I know you know this, he is just SO GORGEOUS!

Lori said...

Those are some adorable pix -- especially the one of The Boy and the puppy.

Hope things go well at your appointment, and that you find easily remedied answers.

Anonymous said...

MT and the puppy!! MT in ears!!

So freakin' cute.

Well, I guess it is good that there is nothing wrong, but it is frustrating to know something isn't right and there is no obvious reason. Hang in there!

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

LOVE the Easter pics! MT is such a cutie! And UGH on not getting any answers--it just stinks. I feel your pain and I hope your gyn appointment yields some definitive answers. ((HUGS))

Hopeful Terri said...

I hope your next Dr. appoint goes well. I am conserned about my thyroid too. I have gained a ton of weight after loosing it w/ the baby.
I am tired all the time. Thyroid issues run in my family.

Glad to hear you all had a great time in Orlando.

The photo of MT and the puppy is great. (hmm he is asking for one already I can see it).

Christy said...

I swear, you always post the best pictures, I just love them! I'm glad everything tested normal for you, though sorry you don't have an easy answer you were looking for. I hope you are feeling better soon. If it helps you feel less alone, I constantly feel sluggish, tired, and scattered and I've gained weight too. Since I didn't give birth, I can only chalk it up to the damands of being a mom.

Kate said...

Congrats n the normal blood work. I hope they can figure out what's going on....

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm new here but thought I would post what is hopefully a helpful comment!

With regard to thyroid tests, you need to be careful with what is considered "normal." The normal range has changed quite a bit over the past few years and not all docs adhere to that (TSH should be between .3 and 3.0) Within that range is a wide variance and unless you had a baseline TSH from when you felt normal / good then you don't know what *your* normal value is. My TSH is currently .25 and I feel good - if it gets any higher I start to have hypothyroid issues.

I hope this helps somewhat - I have had years of dealing with this and educating endos along the way.

Easter pics looked great - I'm sorry your family were too sick to enjoy it with you.

becoming-mom said...

I love that first photo!

I'm sorry you don't have any answers about the symptoms. I actually am begninning to suspect thyroid issues as the cause of my weird bf problems of late. have an appt with my primary monday to get the test ordered. I also noticed some recent weight gain. I hope it's not from stopping nursing.. I am so not looking forward to that!

Cibele said...
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Courtney said...

MT looks waaaay grown up in those pictures! And that picture of him with the puppy...swoon.

I hope that your upcoming appointment will help to provide some answers and that you get back to a good kind of 'normal' very, very soon.

Morrisa said...

OMG! It's been forever since I have checked blogs...look how much your little one has grown! Such a cutie!

MelissaQ said...

I have had issues for years with PCOS. Weight gain I cant lose a pound and worse yet I cant get pregnant. I shouldn't be so sad, I have two daughters one is 10 and the "baby" is 2 years old. PCOS being the the reason why I have a 7 year gap between my two kids. I want more and we are trying again...with no luck AGAIN. back to the gyn to get a script for hormones to get me back on track... It sucks, but hopefully you will get the hormones and get back on track as well. Take care