Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dr. Dr., Gimme the News

So - Appointment #4 in 15 days. What do we know:
  • I asked if we could just go ahead and do our 9 month well baby visit even though I wouldn't necessarily say I had a well baby.?! Instead of keeping my appointment for the 31st. She agreed to go ahead. He weighs 20lbs! This is an improvement because over the span of the Dr's appointments he had lost 3 lbs. But Managed to gain 2 back. This put him in the 45%. His height is at 28.5 inches - 30%. Head is 45 in in the 40%. Pretty consistent to his last set of stats. A few more inches and I will have to give up the infant Carrier. It's just so much more convenient for me.
  • We discussed his hatred for formula again. Her cry is for me to get more formula/liquids in him. I have NO IDEA how to do this. I barely get 12-15 oz. She wants at least 20oz ... I asked about the next step formulas. She said if it was cheaper option, try them. It doesn't have all the same vitamins but it really isn't that much of a difference. I wasn't going for the cheaper approach. I was going to just try something different and see if that would help. She does not want me to introduce regular whole milk yet ... She also didn't like that we introduced yogurt to him at 6 months - When it was suggested to us by the other Dr in the practice .... I dunno. I have never put anything else but bm and formula in his bottles - Have you tried anything in the bottles?
  • The eczema has gotten better in some spots, worse in others. She thinks we are doing a good job
  • She does not think the screams"things I am referring to as ni.ght terrors" are related to his meds. It could be, "but it's very rare. It could be from the sickness, It could be his age and development" Night Terrors can start as early as 9 months. She begged me to continue the meds for 6 more days.
  • His ears are clearing up. Not cleared up all the way. The nose drainage is related to the ears she thinks. There is no fluid in the lungs. I asked if I could let him sleep in an upright position in the swing or carseat because he cannot breathe - she said yes. She preferred the carseat
  • .. Insert laugh here. I am trying

Since changing the time the med is administered, the Night terrors happen in the late afternoon nap or midnight. The past 2 nights, It's been Midnight. I am getting used to them. It's just a phase right?!


  • I have added black beans (Huge new Fav), re fried beans w cheese melted over them, cut/peeled grapes, going to try chick peas soon.

Last weekend, the weather has been supremely gorgeous! So we have been taking advantage of it:



We put up a baby gate to keep said lil one out of cat food/litter box. Little did we know the stupid cats would not figure out how to jump over it .... took a week for them to figure this out ... OY!

I feel like there is more I wanted to jot down/remember but my mind these isn't working so well.


eden said...

I got a ....... BAD CASE, OF LOVIN' YOUUUUUU!!!!

Too cute in the sunnies.

Farah, I swear to God Rocco went through some form of night terror thing, a few months back. It was so hellacious. In the end, the only thing that got me through was going to bed every night EXPECTING it to be bad. Then, when it wasn't, it was a freakin' bonus.

This too shall pass. I PROMISE.


ps. My word verification is "swedett" ... as in, "Don't swedett Farah, things will be ok!"

Photogrl said...

Yay for them letting you combine appointments! And for MT gaining back 2 pounds.

Miss O. really struggled with sippy cups, too. I remember trying a cup with a lid and straw, I was so desperate. But it worked.

I hope the night terrors, or whatever it is, end soon for all of you.


Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Well, it sounds like you got some good news. I don't understand her concern with yogurt. We gave it to Lemy at 6 months and its still one of the few things she will eat consistently. Plus, I really do think it helps her digestion. Anyway, hopefully the new formula will work and his ear will continue to get better.

He is SUCH a cutie!!! Keeping my fingers crossed that the night terror phase is quickly on its way out the door. ((HUGS))

Heather said...

At four months we were told to start with apple or pear juice - watered down. I put those in her bottle. I put about an ounce of juice to two or three ounces of water. She loves it.

And I LOVE the sunglasses. He is just too CUTE!!

niobe said...

She also didn't like that we introduced yogurt to him at 6 months - When it was suggested to us by the other Dr in the practice.

I know that you have lots of other things to deal with -- those ni.ght ter.rors sound horrible -- but this thing about yogurt jumped out at me. I know it's minor in the grand scheme of things, but how incredibly annoying that the doctors in the practice can't seem to come up with consistent advice.

Wordgirl said...

You're doing a wonderful job Farah -- really, truly.

He's a beautiful young man!



ms. c said...

Man, that dude is cute. Every time you post a picture I just smile and smile. What a great guy.

I'm glad he's getting better, albeit slowly. One step at a time.

FWIW, I think that you are doing great. I would not worry about the yogurt, nor would I worry about doctors giving conflicting advice. Doctors don't know everything, you know!! ;) Also, it's just food.

As for the sippy cup, what I can say is this: MAN, I HEAR you! We have the same problem. I am still BF, so Sacha getts most of his liquid that way, but I REALLY REALLY would like to start to wean him. The ONLY time he really drinks from his cup is the 2x a week that the nanny is there. And even then, he will only take 4oz (which is a huge improvement, and has taken us about 2 months to get there!) once a day. (The rest of the time I am usually around to BF him as I work at home.) I wish you luck on this, I truly do.

When I get down and frustrated (and think that I will have to BF him until he's 14), I just sit back and try to put it into perspective: if I reduce the BF and just keep trying the cup he certainly won't starve or die of dehydration. Neither will Austin! He eats well and there is plenty of fluids in food. They kiddies WILL catch on to the drinking thing. They aren't going to be 30 and not drinking... I'm pretty certain of that.

I hope the night terrors pass. My cousin had them when he was little (not sure how little), and my aunt figured out that it had to do with the days he was in daycare and his napping while there... I wish I had something more to tell you on this. If you want to discuss with her (she's also a child psychologist!) I'm sure she would talk to you. Just leave me a note on my blog, and we can email.

Jen said...

Want to come over? We can take turns sleeping at night.

AJ's mommy said...

What a cutie he is. I love seeing his pictures... he lights up a room for sure! Glad to hear the rash is better and I hope that the night terrors are over very soon.

Yay for the 2 lbs! Go MT go!

Adriane said...

20 lbs is fantastic!!!

I have never put anything else in bottles but formula/breastmilk. To get my girls to TRY the sippy cup, i put half water, half apple juice in their sippy cups. One of mine can do the cup, the other can't. It's just another source of frustration. Someone commented about trying a straw - that's probably a good suggestion. Does MT use a pacifier? Just curious - my girl that can do the sippy cup is a big pacifier girl. I'm wondering if there is a correlation?

Gabby had some issues with night wakings. It lasted a good three months for us and sucked. I don't know what it was with her but she was VISIBLY scared, which scared me, too. I tried every method - pick up, CIO, change the diaper, re-swaddle, you name it. I am hoping that MT grows out of it soon - I feel your pain. BTW, those pics are fab! Love the sunglasses!!!!!

Courtney said...

That is the cutest 20 pounds! I'm glad to hear that the doctor's office let you combine the two appointments and saved you a trip. :)

Geohde said...

Love the sunnies. Get well soon, and no more bad dreams, MT



Cibele said...

OMG, he is too cute! these pictures are just breathtaking. How many teeth he has? OMG, Lyla only has 2 LOL. I had night terrors as a child. I did not outgrew them until I was 10 or so, but I did not start until I was much much older. I hope he feels 100% soon.

Amanda said...

I'm so sorry your little man has been having such troubles. I can't imagine how rough this is on you. I wish I lived closer so I could offer some sort of help. (((hugs)))

He is so cute! I could just eat him up!

Lissa said...

When our kids were about 2-3 months, we started adding applesauce from Gerber and rice cereal.

They loved it, they added weight, they also slept thru the night because their belly's were full =]

Janna said...

Yea for the weight gain!!!

Olivia has been waking in the middle of the night, and it's hard to adjust to once you've gotten used to getting a good night's sleep. I hope the night terrors end soon! I can only imagine how hard it is for you to help him get through the terrors. Poor baby! Poor YOU!!!

We're about to start the sippy cup...dreading it!! Hopefully he'll catch on soon!

Your little man is PRECIOUS!!!!

Anonymous said...

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FattyPants said...

So handsome in his shades! Woohoo for the weight gain. I don't have any been there done there advice, but if you feel like your ped isn't supporting you in the best way possible it might be time for another opinion. I know switching peds is a pain but it must be terrifying o watch your baby go through that. Prayers for a sweet nights sleep for you and your little one.

beebles said...

those are great stats from the well/sick baby check and how cute is that little peanut with those shades!!!! I hope his ni.ght.te.rrors go away soon...

Anonymous said...