Sunday, March 1, 2009


  • Has anyone else noticed that blogs they joined to follow way back are having to be re-followed?
  • Any opinions on the HTC Touch phones
  • Is blogger eating some of your posts?
  • Any good advice on a cheap printer? I just need it to print on paper no photos.
  • Know any good free software to splice 2 mp3's together for a slideshow?
  • I am thinking about sprucing up the blog a bit when things get calmer around here.
    Child related:
  • We are using this bumper.
  • Other than Formula/Breast Milk, What are you putting in your infant/toddlers sippy cups?
  • Found any bibs that are good and do not have to be laundered?Amy suggested some good ones, I am waiting to receive those.
  • TIP I received today but never thought about - I have been looking for baby/infant Benadryl for a month or more. FYI - You will never could find it. They don;t make it, you have to buy Children's Benadryl. And on the box it says not for children under 2! SO you have to call your ped's office and ask for the dose. Which if you are like me, You may want to have this information. But you may want this info PRIOR to actually needing it. So Go now, Call your ped's office and use a black sharpie and write the dose required on the bottle so when you need it you will not panic! (no we didn't learn this lesson the hard way - Just something that could be dangerous but easily remedied.)
  • The crib - Isn't going well for Naps at all. Not in the least. I am still trying but at this point I have actually scaled back the effort a bit because he was hyper-ventilating and crying so hard when entering his room. Ten days ago, he started crying about getting his diaper changed on his changing table. This escalated to freaking out while entering his room. (before even attempting to get changed.) The past few days, He just loses it when he enters his room for anything during the day. Until he realizes that he is not being laid in the crib. Back story - Before we decided to move him to the crib, we played in his room on the floor for about a week. He was then, just crying about laying on the changing table to have his diaper changed. I had read about negative associations and such so I was trying to help. Bedtime - Bedtime is fine. We lay him down, turn on the monitor (love this monitor/for S.IDS - bought it on c.raigslist), hit the button on this toy and tell him "night night". We do end up making 1 more trip back in there usually. He received this lovie from a shower and I use the frog's hand to rub his face until he gets settled/comfy. After that, he takes over rubbing his face and has been falling asleep. So, I'd say, bedtime is fine.
  • Anyone have a ko.lcraft contours 3 wheel? Do you like it?

  • High School Reunion - I was watching old episodes of this show on TVland I think. Class of 88. Why would anyone put themselves through that mess again? If you were contacted, Would you go? ME - NO FREAKIN WAY! Even if I got a trip to Hawaii. I was watching and one girl was crying to this guy that made her "feel insecure" when they were in high school. Is there anyone that was never insecure atleast once in high school? I actually felt so sorry for the guy that was having to apologize for every guy in High School that made her feel insecure at some point in High School. She was in tears, He was close to it and i was laughing at the whole scenario hoping it was all "tv'd or scripted up". Because WOW. .. I mean, don't get me wrong, HS is not a walk in the park. I know this. I wasn't the coolest. Fa.cebook as the tendency to pull out some of my insecurities. But not sure I would subject myself to all that all over again.
  • The Co.ugar - Airs April 15th. Creator of the Bachelor for Over 40's. Who's watching?
  • Friday Night Lights? Anyone
  • Any thoughts on the recent Grey's Anatomy/Private Practice episodes
  • What are you watching
  • I admit it, If it's a bad tv show, teenie bopperish or reality program, I will watch at least once. It's an addiction. Like rubbernecking


Mel said...

I hate myself for continuing to watch Private Practice. I really, really want to stop, but I can't. Grey's Anatomy isn't as good as I want it to be, but I'm a die hard.
My best friend swears by that bumper! I got a beautiful one from PBK that matches our bedding, but I am starting to wonder if I'll keep it up for long.

Photogrl said...

I haven't had any problems with following, but I have lost posts AND comments lately.

As a option other than formula/breastmilk, I used to put water in Miss O.'s sippy cup. To this day, she drinks little to no juice and perfers water.

I love reality tv. I know I shouldn't but I can't help myself.

eden said...

I love the way you wrote all that. So succinct!

I LOVE Greys .... but I'm downunder, so WAAAY behind you in episodes. Last week, Meredith dropped the kidney in the OR.


Jen said...

I still enjoy private practice, and greys, not as much as I once did, but it's on my dvr. My current fav show is brothers and sisters. I also bought that bumper!

I am currently in the bottle fight and was giving N water here and there. He loves it. I would think that when it gets hot here I will give it to him more often.

So many baby changes starting now, I was just getting used to the old way.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

Ok, here are my responses to the things I actually have answers for :)...

--I think Blogger is acting funny lately. My blog is doing all sorts of weird things. Bleh.

--We haven't gone to anything but BM right now in the sippy cup. My mother tried giving Lemy juice but she wasn't interested.

--I feel your pain with naps in the crib. Lemy is the same way.

--I haven't heard of the cougar...thanks for the tip.

--I still LOVE GG and 90210. Can't wait for their return. I'm also digging the Real Housewives shows...I love junk TV. :)

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that things with MT settle down soon. ((LOTS OF HUGS))

Adriane said...

Child related:

>Sippy Cups: I am mixing half water, half apple juice in teh girls sippy cups. They are getting used to using them. I figure I'll put formula in there, too, eventually.

>Night Toy: We love the Rainforest/ waterfall thingie. Have been using it since the girls were 3 mos old or so. They love them! We lay them down awake every night and push the button.

>I love Top Chef. It's over now, so sad. Also, I like the Hills! Can't even believe I typed that, but I like it. Also, for some good drama, the Orange County and New York Housewives shows on Bravo - they are hysterical. Never got started on Gray's Anatomy, though I wish I did - I so love Patrick Dempsey!!!

Barb said...

I watch the Amazing Race religiously. I'm also into Friends re-runs again.

Jen said...

My high school reunion is this year. I am so not going.

Hopeful Terri said...

Aww -- sounds like we are in the same boat when it comes to naps. We are getting better though.

As far as a printer - here is what I have and love it -- its an HP F2210 -- (bought at Wal.mart for like 22.00 and the ink isn't that pricey. (The old printer we had ink was $60.00 so we said heck just bought a new one).

Good luck.

Hopeful Terri said...

Aww -- sounds like we are in the same boat when it comes to naps. We are getting better though.

As far as a printer - here is what I have and love it -- its an HP F2210 -- (bought at Wal.mart for like 22.00 and the ink isn't that pricey. (The old printer we had ink was $60.00 so we said heck just bought a new one).

Good luck.

AJ's mommy said...

I have an HP 1410x all in one printer and it was pretty cheap and it has lasted me for 2 years and is pretty good. It does print photos too though if you want it to.

Love your bullet point post. Such good info!

Yes, some of the blogs I follow on bloglines have stopped updating for some reason??? Don't know why.

Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog!!!

I have a video monitor, but thinking I may want one of those angelcare things too. Is that obsessive if I have both? :) May be since he doesn't sleep in his room a ton yet! Ha! But, I figure if I have 2 different kind of monitors, maybe I will be more apt to letting him!

Can't wait to see more MT pic's!!!

Rebecca said...

Friday Night Lights...yes, awesome show. My son used to freak out about going into the bedroom at nap time too. I started playing with them in there during the day and now it's no big deal. It took about 1.5 - 2 weeks. Good luck with it. I will only put water in the sippy cups at this point...all they want to do is chew on them anyway, so no biggie!

Kim said...

Cheap printer alert: $30ish at the store that starts w/ a "W" and ends in an "art" Canon iP26oo does a nice job just printing. Hubby prints pix every once & a while - ok.

Elizabeth said...

reality TV guilty pleasure: the girls next door (ugh! ugh! ugh!)

sippy cup: water

Anonymous said...

Are you using Bloglines or Google Reader? I found Bloglines was giving me lots of problems, so I ditched it.

I have a blackberry and LOVE it. So I have no clue about the Touch.

MT's lovey is so precious. I love that line of baby stuff, it is so soft.

Amy B said...

My TV guilty pleasure is Milionaire Matchmaker on Thursday nights on Bravo. The new season just started 2 weeks ago.

Also for sippy cup fillers try Mott's for Tots juice. It is already mixed with water. It comes in Apple, mised berry, and apple/white grape.

Malloryn said...

My addiction is the Amazing Race, and I still watch Survivor. Perhaps way down deep, I enjoy it when annoying people are being tormented? Hmmm....

I picked up some good tips from your bullet points, particularly the crib bumper. Thanks!

sara said...

I'll ask my engineer husband tonight on the technical (mp3ish) stuff for you. Hopefully will get back to you tomorrow or Thursday? What is rubbbernecking.....I'm such a loser! As far as the teenish stuff, yes Jason and I love to watch at least for a few weeks. We're addicts. I'm ashamed to say we watched the OC when it was on and we were dawson's creek fans as well, LOL! Private Practice and Grey's...hmm. I will watch both but my husband will only watch Grey's. Don't ask me why, he's so fickle when it comes to TV! As fat as what to put in the sippy's a question for you...when is it okay to give water you think? My mom says 6 friend says 4 months and my sisters says whenever....what should I do??

sara said...

oppsss I meant as far as a question ...not as as fat as in the sippy cup, LOL!

ms. c said...

So much stuff in this post!!

I have no idea about any of the technical stuff. But i CAN talk baby stuff, that's for sure!

That's a great bumper. I know I commented on the bumper in the previous crib post... i didn't realoze it was THAT one. Don't worry he shouldn't be able to climb on it for a while yet!!

As for the naps, I'm sorry this is causing such an issue. I hope it gets better. I'm sorry I have no advice on that front.

For sippy cups, we often just put water in Sacha's. Juice is fine too, but make sure to dilute it.

For bibs, I use Bumkins. ( They are waterproof, but not fabric. I just wash them down with the kitchen sponge after eating. I actually rarely put them in the wash. We love them.

About the TV. I just realized that I am an addict. I honestly Tivo 14 shows a week. I definitely look forward to my Thursday line-up, but also LOVE Brothers and Sisters. I have to admit that sometimes I watch them while playing with Sacha. Often my husband and I watch a show at 8ish after we put Sacha to bed. It's great, I get to watch all my 10pm shows that I am never awake for. If you want the whole list, I'd be happy to share.

Kim said...

I would ne-he-ver go to my high school reunion. Speaking of Facebook, I saw some people from high school and could look at their friends without becoming one and, as I suspected, about 90% of their friends were from high school. People - we are turning 37 this year - get out there and meet some people!

I put water or soy milk in the sippy cup. Neither is very popular. I worry about how bottle-weening will go.

Courtney said...

*Definitely having to reread blogs again because I sometimes only catch a line or two before we are on the move again!

*I LOVE that monitor - we have the same one. The crazy worrier in me cannot fathom just 'listening' to make sure the little one is okay.

*Fill us in on how the new job/schedule is working out!

bethkyle said...

TV SHows I am addicted to:
Battlestar Galactica
hubby makes me watch Sara Connor Chronicles

Top Chef (when it was on)
Real Housewives of Orange County (haven't had a chance to watch the NYC one)
Chelsea Lately (totally got addicted to this during the 2am feedings and now she is on at 11pm)
The Office
30 Rock

I watch waaaay too much tv.