Tuesday, September 2, 2008

opinions and experience needed

Help please. ... I rented a breast pump from our local hospital. I am getting ready to go on a trip and I am not going to that that item with us. It's bulky and really expensive. Here is my quandary:

I bought a used one of these (from 2006) off craigslist - I was using it for a month and some change. It does not have enough umph or suck to double pump. My OB and the LC advised me to go rent one from the hospital because they suggested i really needed a double pump .. (Uhm, I have seen the light, Can I get an AMEN to double pumping.) So for the past 2 months, this is what I have been using.

Now I am in a weird position, I want to go get a pump of my own but only if the pump is strong enough to double pump. These are not like outfits, I believe all sales are final, so I can't try it out. But In the long run it will be cheaper (as in I could have bought 1/2 of one from the rental fees already). I have gift cards still, So we could afford to buy one.

My husband also mentioned, just renting one for the week at his dad's. The hospitals in the area will do that. I have called and checked. SO now - your thoughts ..... Anyone have a really good dbl pump that gets the job done? Should I buy it or keep renting because it is something that I will not use much longer after I stop bf-ing. I am hoping to bf for a yr.


Anonymous said...

I use the Pump in Style to double pump on the highest suction level. It is what I have used all along without any problems.

Perhaps give it a try again? I know lots of people who switched to this once their milk supply was established without any problems.

Otherwise, I think it depends (and I HATE to bring this up) if you want another baby. I think that will determine how much use you will get out of it.

Jen said...

I can't help with this one personally. I have heard a lot of stories about women who rented that could have bought their own with the rental money.

seussgirl said...

I also rented for 2 months while the boys were in the NICU; the NICU had the same Symphony pump there, and I could just take my parts to hook up, which was nice. But I could have bought my pump with the rental fees!

I use the Avent Isis electric pump and really like it. You can adjust the setting each time to pull and pause as long as you want for that session. (i.e. pull till it stops flowing, pause and pull again - it's great and efficient!) Plus, it comes with a manual attachment to make one of the horns a manual pump, which is great for pumping in the car, or at someone's house if you don't want to cart the electric along.

I know it's terrible to have to spend that much money on something you can't try or return. My husband looked up a lot of reviews online before we picked this one. I think one complaint was that you can't get different sized horns, which wasn't a problem for me. I could use the standard ones.

You could risk the $50 and buy a manual version first and see if it fits comfortably before spending the money for the double electric. And then you'd have an extra part for the electric if you needed it - they're interchangeable.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

Gabby said...

I just wanted to ditto MC and say I have the Pump in Style Original. I have had no problems at all with it. I actually rented the Symphony and loved it when I was trying to stimulate my milk production. However, my LC said that the Pump in Style is just as good for what I need. I know you mentioned you have one that was made in 2006. I think maybe you might want to try some of the troubleshooting in the manual...or call Customer Service. They are amazing with walking through it step by step. Make sure you have good membranes and valves...and check the tubing. Sometimes little things like that can cause the suction to not be as great. Make sure to check that the face plate is on tightly.

Oh yea, I use my pump in style to double pump. I would never think to single pump! Plus, you get more milk with double pumping.

Also, if your having problems with not getting enough milk, or the suction feels off, sometimes just switching sizes of breast shields will help.

Ok, you may know all of this, but just wanted to mention all of it. I have had a few problems that have come up and all of the above always solved my issues!

T-Mommy said...

I have heard great comments about LAN.SI.NOH double electric pump. It is not as pricey as the Medela ones.

I ended up buying a manual because I was going to pump just once a day but it is taking me 20 mins (and I pump at work) so now I am really thinking about getting the LAN.SI.NOH electric one.

Leah said...

I use the Pump in Style to double pump -- multiple times a day -- with no problem. But I crank up it to the highest suction level and turn the speed to at least 4 (mine goes up to 5). Sure, it might seem that my nipples are being ripped off sometimes (just kidding, of course) but it does the job. I can get 14+ ounces in just over 10 minutes with it.

I used the same pump 4 years ago when I had Megan. I don't mean the same kind of pump, I mean the same exact pump. And it's borrowed from a friend so it's seen a lot of breasts, I'm sure.

You may want to try it again, but make sure the suction and speed are turned way up. Also, try taking off the face plate and snapping it back on. Sometimes that helps too.

Amanda said...

I've got no advice, but please share if you end up buying one!!!

Jen said...

I also use the pump in style on the highest setting to double pump. I did use the hospital one in 2002. I used the hospital one because there was no latching going on and I needed to up my milk supply. I think if you and mt have had good latch time, the pump in style would be good. I am using a used one too,but it seems to work fine.

Road Blocks and Roller Coasters said...

I have the Pump in Style and I love it. It is really easy to use and I can usually pump about 3-5 oz per breast in a 15 minute seating. I don't know if that's a lot or not, but its always enough for Lemy. And I'm usually pumping on the lower settings.

If I had to recommend I pump, this is the one I would go with. And yes, AMEN to double pumping. SUCH A LIFESAVER!!!

Good luck with your decision! HUGS!

Morrisa said...

I have no experience here but I have been wondering the same thing so I will be interested to read people's responses.

Sugar and Ice said...

Either you ended up with a dud pump or you need to call their customer service line (and don't tell them you bought it used). Medela is kind of like the Mercedes of breast pumps, so I don't think you're going to find anything better. I used a Pump in Style original every single day, twice a day when I was working, and it was awesome. I always double pumped, and would pump up to 11 oz (!!!) during my first session and then around 6 at my second. So...I think that should let you know how well it worked. I did go back and forth with the suction and all that, but sometimes it suctioned too hard, and it was always on double pump mode, so that makes me think yours must not be working properly. I think any lactation consultant would tell you that Medela is the way to go. I used a Symphony for the first month of Lila's life, and it was great, but I honestly couldn't tell a difference between its performance and the Pump in Style. Heck, I even double pumped in the car while driving and still had no problems.

So...I think you definitely need to give your Pump in Style another shot, get someone on the phone to trouble shoot with you...and if it doesn't work, sell it, and buy another one.

sara said...

Hmmm - the pump in style is what I registered for. But I'm hoping that it works out for me. I would really like to pump as long as possible. But as you know, I'm a "pumping virgin." So I'm hoping someone else can chime in with some good info for you :-)

Rachel said...

I have a new Pump In Style too and I've had no problems with it... had the hospital grade Symphony when our baby was in the NICU as well until I got pumping "established," but I honestly haven't been able to see that much of a difference between the two. Like another poster says, depends on if you will be needing to use it a lot in the future, or will be having more kids.

lub said...

I use pump in style medela double pump and it works really well. You are right though- all sales are final. Don't even break the seal on the box if you are considering returning it. I do wish I could do handsfree pumping so I could read or something while pumping away!

Dreamer4agift said...

I don't have a clue personally on pumps, but I know my sister rented one from the Hospital and really liked it. However, it ended up costing more to rent it than just buying her own (which she ended up doing). Sorry, I'm not much help, but I hope you get it figured out:-)

Amy B said...

I rented the Medela hospital pump with my 1st son but only pumped for 6 weeks and with my 2nd I used teh Avent hand pump which I loved, but he nursed like dream and I didn't work so I didn't need to pump that often. My advice is to buy one then either sell it or give it to a friend. The pump is sanitary and they can just buy the hoses and attachments for it.

Good Luck!!

Amelia Sprout said...

I used a PISA with lots of luck, so if you're having suction issues, it may be the valves. They have a great toll free support number you can call. There is a little thingy (sorry, can't explain it) that works like a valve on the pump itself. If it is pushed on too much, it won't suck enough. It can also get stretched out, and if you call them, they will send you another.
Once I figured that stuff out, it worked as good as my double hospital grade one. (that they keep in the mother's rooms at work)