Tuesday, July 5, 2011

All around the Limbo World

Gonna do the Limbo Rock. Are you singing it yet, because this song and Won't you be my neighbor" are on repeat in my head these days

More bullets Because I still cannot make a coherent thought
  • I wanted to do Calliope's Summer Camp .. I have missed 5 days, I may jump in soon
  • I am STILL living under the roof of my parents and Nerves are getting pinched (everyone's)
  • We are not saving as much dinero as I expected. (Car A/C went out, Repairing Credit, 3rd Bday, storage rental, upgrade cell phones/plans, eating out due to trying to give everyone space, having to travel to my nieces first bday and get a hotel)
  • Hoping Time is on Our Side when it comes to having clarifications show up on our Credit Report
  • Have I mentioned 4 Adults, 2 Toddlers Under 1900 sq ft and a Mutant Mosquito Infestation that is limited our outside time
  • MY 17 yr old SIL - that was a FIASCO! She kept saying that My MIL told her that not all babies grow the same way and that maybe eventually there would be a heartbeat if they just gave it time. Again, a very touchy subject and lots of lies, nastiness and crap came out of a terrible situation. My poor SIL was bleeding and still would not give up the hope. I mean Hope that like should be rewarded and my MIL should be punched in the face for such delusional BS she fed my SIL.... We also found out that my 17 yr old SIL intentional tried to get pregnant w her 24yr old Live in Boyfriend ( they live with my MIL and MIL's 39 yr old BF - she prides herself for being a Cougar) Oh I could dedicate a whole Blog to My Inlaws
I have many blogs in my head but right now the loudest post is about social media. Let's see if I can articulate this:

I am just going to spit it out and work from there - IMHO, Of all the social media networks, BaceFook has seemed to have the most impact on the majority. As bloggers we already knew that some people misrepresent themselves on the internet but it wasn't the norm. We all knew that there were people following our blogs but there was still a lot of anonymity.

Bacefook came along and suddenly, everyone and their great-grandmother had a BF account and started making connections. Bringing to light that the internet can be "personal". We, as bloggers, also knew well before BF came along, that the internet can be personal and bring people together for a good cause and support system. But the average was made more aware.

My point to all of this is that BF upped a game that a vast majority did not know was being played. Nor, IHMO, did they know that there are understood rules to play/participate. So, there were plenty of people running around playing/participating a game they know none of the rules to. I am sure you can come up with some of the rules I am referring to. People became exposed to blogging..or the Underground as I call it.

All of this rambling to declare that I find an enormous amounts of Fouls being committed on the internet all revolving around a certain Social Media network. It gave a huge population a little taste and a lot of information that makes them dangerous.

I should state that I adore social media. I love blogging, tweeting, I enjoy supporting and learning - but I do not love being made fun of, back stabbed or judged because of others perspectives, ideas or thrill of voyeurism. For me, BF has made me more confident in the decisions I make and the fun I participate in and with whom I invite into my world. What about you?


HereWeGoAJen said...

I have a lot of people hidden on BF so I don't see a lot of drama. I do like seeing updates from everyone I know.

Searching said...

Sorry about the in-law drama, sounds terrible! I hope your credit is fixed up asap and you can get your own place!

On BF, I actually have 3 accounts. 1 for friends & classmates from grade school-my 1st BS. 1 for coworkers in the NICU & current job, plus current classmates in grad school. 1 for my small country town nosy-as-heck cousins, relatives, hubby's family tree (except his bro & SIL bc they are pretty cool & not as gossipy). I actually have 1 under my guinea pig's name so my sister can see pics I put up. Neither she nor her hubby can apparently handle having an acct w/o doing something that causes friction. Exes and whatnot, so neither of them is allowed to have one. Keeps them happily married!

Katie said...

Oh, Farah. Each time I click over, I hope all of a sudden, things will have gotten a bit better for you, and yet, here you are, still in limbo. I am hoping you will be out soon.

I know what you mean about BF. I had some drama there a few weeks ago with an old "friend" from high school. I finally de-friended her because I just couldn't take it anymore, but I felt so. . . 12? Like, you can't be my "friend" because we don't agree on something? I actually try and pick friends IRL that DON'T agree with me on everything, because I like the diversity of different opinions. But that's the point, I guess. BF is NOT real life. It's everyone's representation of what they want people to think their real life is. And it's exhausting sometimes, you know?

Barb said...

I have a love/hate relationship with things like fb for so many reasons.

Lots of love Farah, and I hope that sometime soon all this bad luck will turn around. :(

Jill, Momma to Tanner, Josie, Will and Surprise Baby #4. said...

In-laws....nuf said. HA!

It is so funny that you wrote about "BF" and all of the "wanting to act like my life is perfect." I have had a post going through my mind for MONTHS about that. I think that is why people appreciate my honestly nuts status updates about flaming bags of shit and wanting to leave my children on the highway. :o)

I have always said that it has to be exhausting "living" a life that isn't really yours. And how sad you have to be to make up your life. I think back on Scott's ex-wife and the fake life she made/is still making up. It is actually sad and pathetic when you get phone calls and court papers about being sued because you couldn't pay for the 2nd wedding you had because you had to impress everyone. Hell, she couldn't even pay her photographer! I can't even image booking a venue and vendors knowing that I couldn't pay them and starting my 2nd marriage out that way. What are you missing in your life to have to fill it with things that you obviously can't afford. And all of the collections calls we used to get! UGH! Thank goodness she and her 2nd husband filed bankruptcy. Our phone has been silent! :o) Sheesh, that was a blog post all in it self. :o)

Then I think about my in-laws and how one SIL throws her husband under the bus for anything stupid decision they make, and the other BIL who is all about himself and buys cars, finishes his basement, and refuses to spend money on the one thing my SIL wants, a baby. It is also sad when at my FIL's funeral all he could talk about was what he has bought and all the things he has bought for his house. I hope they all visit him when he is in a nursing home and are there to cry at his grave. GAH! And then there is my MIL who is too stupid to have a bullshit detector! GAH!

Crap! There goes my blog post! :o)

We just live a different life. I am not afraid to be me and like who I am and who I have become from all of them. :o) I like that we will be poor with 4 kids, have too small of a house, live on a budget, and can sleep at night knowing I don't have to pretend I am someone I am not. :o)