Friday, June 24, 2011

Lot's of Limbo

Ok Where were we, Oh yes... Crazy landlords, Looking for houses, moving, planning a 3rd birthday party, celebrating Father's Day ....

The Skinny:
  • MT turned 3 a few weeks ago. (oh how I have a blog about 3yr old's .... O EM GEE)
  • We are in week 3 living w/my parents (but who's counting)
  • everything I own is in storage except 5 outfits
  • We are currently in the midst of getting financing for a FHA loan. And dealing with a head spinning process. "Since the economy took a dump, loans have tightened their belt and become pretty intense." - was the quote our bank keeps repeating to us. We have filled out more paperwork that I have ever had to do. AND if your credit is not Pristine, You have to write letters and document EVERYTHING! (and we have something on our report for a large sum that is not ours) So yesterday, I spent 6 hrs calling on issues/discrepancies, faxing, writing letters, and running to the post office. I think we know have everything hashed. But now, it's a waiting game. We have to wait to see how long it takes to reflect on our credit report. In the mean time (3 week period dealing w/credit mess) , 4 of the 6 houses in the area I am interested in have sold.
  • I am trying not to get discouraged from all the financial hurdles, red tape and lengthy process. I am trying to keep my eye on the prize but Some days are more difficult than others.
  • My children are just used to Mommie at home but since we have moved in w/my parents, there are atleast 2 (sometimes 3) adults at home and they are getting spoiled and losing patience's if there is not instant gratification. - It makes me head explode
  • I have decided to take over our MOPS Chapter at our church. I am not sure I am ready for this but things had been leading up to this for the past few months. There became a need ago few months and I accepted a few days ago. I am not 100% confident in my ability But I am ready to accept this challenge. I am not sure what it all entailed yet either. I have a lot of planning to do to get ready too
  • Of course, we got E's new work schedule - Which should not be called new because it is the exact same shift he has been working the past 4 yrs. Rotating me Butt! I am not sure their definition of rotating ....
  • My Aunt lost her fight with Cancer a few days ago (Father's Day to be exact). After 20 ish yrs of treatments, surgeries, procedures, and experimental meds, She was taking from us. Honestly, I think she was the best person I ever knew. Genuine, and Everyone liked her instantly. She Really IS that great. The world lost a great soul and she will be greatly missed.
  • We found out a few months ago (at her HS graduation in the end of may) that my 17 yr old sister in law and her 24 yr old BF were expecting. I swallowed a lot that day and told her congratulations. We got to talking and she was not exactly excited about it. So I offered an ear to her and told her if she needed to talk about things give me a call. Our relationship has always been strained. My MIL hates me and makes my life pretty miserable and has pretty much bad mouthed me to all her children ( she has 10). Since I cuold see that my SIL was hurting, I just extended myself to her. A few days ago.. The same 24 hrs that I found out my precious Aunt dies, My SIL called me after her regular scheduled U/S, the baby had no heart beat and the fetus had not been measuring at the ~approx 10 weeks she thought she was. She is using public assistance for medical help therefore the u/s was at the hospital and her dr was at the health dept. She was pretty confused, had a pretty crappy nurse and a pretty crappy experience. She talked to her mom and basically her mom is No help, and possibly causing her more harm. She is stuck in limbo at the moment ... Since it is public health, she had to wait a few days to get the results from the hospital back to the health depart., They have taken blood work (on Friday, Monday, and Wednesday and this morning) to see if her numbers are going down, but haven't gotten those results back yet either .. She is also NOT requesting them give her a definite. She is not really wanting to deal with not being pregnant or being pregnant .. She is so overwhelmed and I feel bad for her. She has called me a few times and I am just there to listen and I have to hold my tongue so much. So, I guess we will all find out on Monday. She is scheduled to get another U/S and get the results from all her bloodwork
Other than that - we are here, we are living and trying to keep up.


HereWeGoAJen said...

My goodness, Farah, that is Craziness. I'm so sorry about your aunt and about your sister-in-law. I'll be thinking about you all.

Barb said...

Oh my goodness! Hugs! I wish we lived nearer each other so I could give you regular bear hugs.xo

JJ said...

You need a BIG margarita! Ill be right there to make you one! I wish I could be in YOUR MOPS group.

Photogrl said...

So much going on....hang in there!

I can't believe MT is 3 already, I first found and started reading this blog just before he was born!