Monday, September 28, 2009

Your Fall Line-up

Ok, So after a week (or 2) of the new shows being out, What are you going to keep watching?

I watched:

Gossip Girl .... I love this show .. and I do not know why

Flash Forward ..I have tried to watch it 3 times now, and haven't finished it

Mercy .. and I am not sure what I think about it .. The acting wasn't that spectacular and neither was the story line ......

Amazing Race - YAH!

Greys's ... Yes for now

Castle ... I think I am going to keep watching this

NCIS LLCoolJ ...Yum and More please!

Parks and Rec ...Getting Dry

Modern Family ...Hilarious

Cougar Town .. It was funny

Melrose Place .. I watch ...but I want to stop and can't

The Office .. Love love love this show

The Community .. It's just a Meh so far

Desperate Housewives ... I watch but want it to end

Brothers and Sisters .. I enjoy this show very much

Anyone watch Eastwick? I am going to really miss Lipstick Jungle


Heather said...

Still watching Project Runway. I am watching Big Bang Theory. I love bad reality TV so I am also watching Tool Academy 2 and I am getting ready for the MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge - starts Wednesday!

Janna said...

Gonna keep watching Greys, Private Practice, Amazing Race, How I Met Your Mother, NCIS & NCIS LA, Desperate Housewives, LOVE Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva (But they're going off until the summer), The Office, The Mentalist, Criminal Minds, Jon & Kate + 8. I'm not sure about Cougar Town. I'm gonna give it a few more weeks. But I haven't started watching too many new shows b/c I watch so many already, and I'm not sure our DVR can hold too many more thanks to Super Why, Sesame Street and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse! lol

Barb said...


So You Think You Can Dance
Dancing with the Stars

Adriane said...

I watch such bad TV!! Top Chef, Rachel Zoe, and I'm going to turn into the Hills this week. I'm so ashamed. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm still LOVING GG as well. I'm digging 90210 and I'm very into Flipping Out. I have Flashforward recorded, but haven't watched it yet. I'm hoping its good as I don't know if I can wait for Lost to start until January! :)

Nicole said...

Okay starting with your list:
Gossip Girl- One of my favorite shows. It's just entertaining and I love Leighton Meester(Blair).
Amazing Race was good I have never watched this show previously.
Parks & Rec- hope it's gets better.
Office- Love it forever I hope they're still making it even when the actors are all old and wrinkly.=)
Melrose- watched the first but wasn't hooked enough.
Community- love it because I love Joel Mchale.
Eastwick- I did like it. And I am going to continue watching it in the hopes that I still will like it.
I also watch:
Ghost Whisperer- I love this show.
How I met Your Mother- Hilarious
Vampire Diaries- it's been really good.
Fringe- This show is just amazing to me.
That's it and I just realized I watch entirely too much TV!

Anonymous said...

I need to actually start watching the shows that are piling up on my DVR. I *GASP* still haven't watched Grey's from last week...

You should try Accidentally on Purpose. It's on Monday nights on CBS, but it's also On Demand right now if you can get that. I love it!

Lissa said...

I have been watching bad reality tv alot - seems that most other shows drama shows I can't get into. I watch Survivor, Amazing Race (haven't watched the episode yet), Real Chance 2, My Antonio, and looking forward to Wednesdays RR/RW The Ruins (My kids are usually asleep by 8:30 - so I can watch these without having to switch the channel in case something comes on that is not age appropriate =]) I like Project Runway, love Bridezillas, staged I know =, and Moving UP with Doug...

HereWeGoAJen said...

I basically just watch TLC, Discovery, and the Food Network. I love The Office and 30 Rock though. We still haven't watched last week's Office and it is driving me crazy!

A New Beginning said...

I saw where someone else mentioned this already, but what about Accidentally on Purpose. I watched it last night and LOL! I do not like the girl with the accent though, I have to try too hard to understand what she is saying.

Other than that, Amazing Race and FOOTBALL!

Jendeis said...

Thank goodness for other TV-obsessed people. What we're watching: The Office, Grey's, Fringe, House, Top Chef, Intervention, Flash Forward, Lie to Me, GLEE!, How I Met Your Mother.

Rebecca said...

I really liked Cougar Town, but also Biggest Loser and Glee...awesome!

Dreamer4agift said...

Let's see...
House, Greys, Glee, DWTS, SYTYCD, NCIS and NCIS LA...Tried nbc's Trauma but not sure on it yet.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

We watch a lot of TV. Far too much, in fact. We are watching Amazing Race, Simpsons, Family Guy, How I Met Your Mother, the various Law and Orders, NCIS, Numb3rs, CSI (original and NY but not Miami), The Office, Glee. We're still watching Parks & Rec, Community, and NCIS: LA for now but none have impressed so far (we didn't watch last night's NCISs yet), so we may stop. We watched Fringe last year but stopped DVRing it this year. I was willing to give it another try but P wasn't really. Everyone here seems to like Accidentally On Purpose, so maybe we'll give it a try.

Amanda said...

I love The Office (woohoo! the wedding is tonight!!!!), we also like Sons of Anarchy, Community is disappointing but we are going to try it another couple of weeks. Parks and Rec was a sucky Office rip-off from the first week, I can't believe it came back! Glee is pretty funny if you haven't watched that yet. There just isn't a whole lot that we get into anymore.