Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Coming to an End

*My comments have been sparse lately. I am still reading, I promise

First order of business:
Ok question for those that have a baby monitor. We have an angelcare but have recently decided that we need to buy a different one. We bought ours on craigslist and I LOVE IT. Except my steam rolling baby sets off the alarm 2-3 time a night and the receiver in our bedroom is causing interference with our alarm clock buzzing since the re-arranging/de-cluttering. My husband keeps turning off the monitor in the middle of the night ... Makes me frustrated ... SO What are you using? Do you like it? If not tell me that too, If you could buy a new monitor what would it be? Video? Or just Audio?

Well, the De-clutter 2009 has about ended. I just have a few bins to go through. It's papers that require setting up an organized filing system, a cleaned off desk, books that need a bookshelf .. But I need to buy a bookshelf and find a spot for it, find a few more spots for odd pieces in the kitchen, waiting on the new stove burners/knobs to arrive ... That kind of piddly stuff. Looks Like I may need another trip to Ikea. Truly, I am obsessed with that store. I am glad it is 45 mins away and not 10 mins away!

Actually I will be happy to never say or think de-clutter ever again. Everyone that helped claimed it was in no way de-cluttering. They claim it was the make up nesting that I never got to do for MT because he came earlier than expected and starting early with the Armadillo. Could be but BOY does it actually feel great to walk in a room and not trip over boxes, or weird placed furniture. I can open cabinets w/o things falling out. Although, the kitchen is done and cleaned out, We are having to move some things around again to make it more functional for us.

I have every piece of laundry that we own cleaned *mostly* and put away. It all has a spot now. (*there is a load that needs to be folded - but I think We have room for it - If not- I will Make room by finding more to sell/donate). It makes me want to have people over now.

This project was actually very timely. My mother is back to having a hard time again. She is not herself. TV is a huge trigger and being off for the summer and being this hot so early in the yr, there really isn't much else to do. So this has help keep her mind busy. We took her back to her dr and hope to have things evened out in 3 -4 weeks. Some days she was not that much of a help, but On those days, I considered it a break for my dad. And A time for me to use the bathroom by myself. And catch a quick errand w/ an extra pair of hands.

With all the de-cluttering, house guest adjustments and Mom health issue, I think my stress level went too high. 2 days ago, I started having very intense severe pains/contractions. Hindsight, I think I got dehydrated and allowed some lifestress get to me. After some rest and water, It did lighten up and by the next morning I was just sore.

On-top of the De-cluttering, that morning of the dehydration, MT fell on a toy and busted his lip and his nose. Lots of blood, We were pretty sure he broke his nose at first, but after all the clean up, realized it was just bruised. Then a few hours later, After a nap, he was running from me in his crib and fell and landed right on the top railing and now has a black eye ..After that episode, I changed his diaper to discover a severe diaper rash. More bleeding .. I am not sure if it was from the disposable diaper that was put on him or if it is a combo of the teething he is still doing. All but the bottom left molar has broken through. His molars are STILL causing big problems (read crankiness, appetite), and interrupting his (my) sleep, He does get motrin but it does not seem to help much.

Right now, My mom has him at her house and I am supposedly unloading boxes, creating a filing system and taking a nap .. but I just want to sit and melt into my couch and take a good snooze! Which is what I think I am totally going to do ...


Leah said...

Gotta take it easier for your little ones. Easier said than done, but all the cleaning and stuff can wait til the baby gets here right?

Kim said...

Have you tried moving the monitor? Mine does the same if my cell phone or alarm clock are too close, so I just put it on the floor where I can still hear it.

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Take it easy when you can, I'm sure those days are numbered when you have two little munchkins to chase! :)

This is our monitor:

It's one that my MIL picked out because the one I registered for wasn't at the store or something. Anyway. After getting over thinking I really needed a much fancier/more expensive one, I decided to give this one a shot and it works perfectly for what we need! We have a smallish house (1200 sq ft main floor) but it's stone so I was worried about it having issues if we went outside, but it works great. It's also fine if we take it downstairs. We keep it turned pretty low because if you turn it up it's LOUD.I have zero complaints and it's pretty affordable as well.

Courtney said...

Farah you are seriously busy lady! We have the Angelcare also, and I wouldn't change it for the world. We did get a little exhausted with jumping up a couple times a night with the alarms now that E is mobile, so we just removed the sensor pad and use it as a regular sound monitor now. The video ones seem like a great choice, but I really liked feeling reassured the baby was breathing.

Maybe you could get an inexpensive sound monitor for MT and then use the Angelcare with the baby???

Gwynn said...

That's so great that you decided to take a nap rather then clean and tidy. You really need to make yourself a priority. (Although I have to say that I am so envious of all the decluttering you have been doing. "Ah, someday..." I think wistfully.)

We have the Summer Color Video Monitor and LOVE IT!! In fact I let a couple friends borrow it and they became addicted. It's amazing to watch what goes on when you are not in the room. Plus it always gives me peace of mind to see how my son is doing without having to get up out of bed. Many times I was just able to watch him soothe himself back to sleep, when I probably would have gotten out of bed to see if he was ok if I hadn't been able to see him on the monitor.

When he was itty bitty we placed it on the railing of the crib (because it is wide like a shelf) and the audio feed was so good that we could hear him breathing which, of course, is really reassuring.

It is definitely pricey, but having used it, I wouldn't trade it for something else.

K @ ourboxofrain said...

The nap sounds like a fantastic plan after all that you have been doing lately!

As for the monitor, I posted this on facebook but will put it here too -- we have this one. It was pricy but we got it as a shower gift. We've been *very* happy with it -- we never get any interference, and both sensitivity and volume are adjustable.

seussgirl said...

I hope you got your nap! I 'm so impressed with your decluttering extravaganza. I definitely need some of that energy/motivation!

We have cheap-o Fisher Price monitors. They were fine for the first year, but we did get a lot of interference, and we just threw a handset away because it was going wacko on us. We're probably looking to buy a new set for this baby. We don't actually use the monitors at night anymore b/c every noise wakes me up, and without the monitors, I only wake up if they're actually crying. And not to the crazy interference noises. :)

Jen said...

WOW!! You are so busy! I know if feels great to clean house!! And poor mt! Yikes, I hope he gets healed up quick, neosporin really helps with the scratches! Hope you took your nap!

Barb said...

YAY FOR A COMPLETE PROJECT! Now I just need to finish mine...

Adriane said...

Make up nesting sounds wonderful! I am so glad you are getting it done - I bet it feels like a weight off.

So glad you asked about monitors. I was JUST going to post the same question on my blog, so I'll see what responses you get. Our monitor sucks.

Hope MT is doing OK after all the accidents. I guess it's just part of the toddler years. :-)

Jessica said...

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Blago said...
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