Monday, July 27, 2009


  • i just got the call - I failed the 1 hr test and have to complete the 3 hr test. They are going to mail me the lab form and I will have to work around a few schedules in order to make it there at a decent hour to fast ... but We will get it done.
  • I have another UTI. I didn't even know. They will call in meds for that too.
  • I am on my way home to wake up E to have a chat about my life and how I need things to be a bit different regarding his schedule, helping out, his Brother - I hope we learn to all adjust soon...
MT is 13 months:

He stopped drinking his nightly bottle a few weeks ago really, But I would still make it and offer it, He would take sips but then lose interest. Monday night, I didn't make one, and he hasn't asked/fussed about it's absence.

He has FINALLY started doing the all done sign language AND saying all done when he is finished eating, or being outside, done in the bath tub .. He is VERY very very proud of his new accomplishment and word. Sometimes, he just says/does the sign for all done just for claps. He enjoys being praised. Who Doesn't...

Shoes - Since Monday, I am a proud owner of 2 new pair of shoes. He actually likes them. He understands now that he has to wear shoes to go outside and will bring them to me when he wants to go.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday, I got him to say Happy Birthday to you while practicing singing in the car on the way to my parents house. But have not gotten him to do it for others to hear

It is so amazing to watch how much he is understanding now. He certainly understands so much more than I gave him credit for.


AJ's mommy said...

Isn't is so fun to watch them learn?

yay on the bottle and the shoes!

Yuck on the UTI and the glucose. I think you will pass your 3 hour one!

Jen said...

I've been wanting to do some of the sign language. You'll have to show me the next time we hang out.

Demara said...

aw :) I can just imagine

Adriane said...

UGH - the GTT. Hope you pass the 3hr - I'll cross my fingers.

No nightime bottle = yay!!!!

So glad you found some shoes!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the 3 hour test.

Caro said...

Good luck with the test.

T brings his shoes when he wants to go out too, it's super cute.

seussgirl said...

That stinks about the 3-hour; I hope you pass!
Speaking of them understanding more than we realize: on the way home from Maine this weekend, J was screaming and we told him we'd get off an exit, get him some milk and let him get out of his seat. By the time we pulled off the exit, he was calm, so we took the onramp right back on and he started screaming again! He totally knew what we'd promised! So we promised again, and even though he was asleep at the next exit, we followed through, and he seemed much happier afterwards. :)
Something to keep in mind - we can't use hollow words anymore!

ms. c said...

Ugh- I had to do that 2hr test, It was NOT fun. I hope you don't have GD!

I love it when Sacha does "all done". It make me laugh. Sometimes he just does it... and then picks up more food. He also does his own version of "more". And there in lies all his sign language. It IS amazing how much our guys know...

I'm glad to hear about the shoes- that must be a big relief for you!