Monday, June 22, 2009

Moving and Shaking. Since I am 1

"Look What I can do!"

Thank you for all the birthday wishes. I printed the post w/ comments out for his baby book.

Let's talk about a few things:

Heat - I know it's Florida, The Sunshine State, and I am ok with that. BUT the heat index 102-115 every day so far has not been pleasant. It's only June, What am I supposed to do when it's August, Our Really hot month? It's not even so much about the sweat, The humidity makes it so hard to breath. It's miserable!! And I have a boy that craves outside All.The.Time. I will not even mention the mosquito's! The ones that are the size of small dogs ... That swarm to take bites out of my sweetness!

1 yr Molars - I hate you! Give my child a break and cut through already! Thankyouverymuch

Time - Why is time/money and money/time... When I have time, I don't always have money and when I have money I lack time ..... Where is that balance? .. I can't seem to find it

We lost a bottle the other night (Friday night) after E fed MT. We looked everywhere and could not find it anywhere. I found it Yesterday in the hood of one of MT's Cars he pushes around. I found quite a few things in the hood of the car that have been missing.

There has been a new word learned at our house Friday: Cookie! My child must love the K sound .. Most of his words he says are all k's. He is constantly talking these days. I have NO IDEA what he is saying but He does and He thinks I should too. He has started hissing too. I am just trying to figure out what that means. He waves bye bye to go outside now. He will push one of his cars to the door bang on the door yell something and wave bye bye to indicate his desire to go outside. He does this first thing EVERY morning and at least 5 times a day. He just really loves to be outside

The next day after MT's birthday party, he took a 2.5 hour nap in the middle of the day. I thought this was because he was making up for lost sleep. But this seems to have been the norm nap schedule now. Some mornings he will take a mid morning nap still (about 3 hours after wake up time) but other days seems uninterested in the morning nap. So, they boy that only took cat naps seems to give me at least a 2 hours window in the afternoon to get things done. My house is going to appreciate this so much. It could use a good clean!

I have an uneventful ob appointment tomorrow. Not sure what to expect since I now have pretty low expectations from them .. I love their delivery experience So I am just focusing on that for now!


Dreamer4agift said...


I hear ya about the humidity, and we're not even in FL! It's horrible!!

Jen said...

When it becomes August, you and I can go lots of places together. Then I'll stay outside with MT while you watch us through air conditioned windows.

seussgirl said...

Ah, our boys are growing up so fast! Jumping Bean's newest sound is "Whoa, whoa, whoa," and it just cracks me up. :)

I hear you on the heat thing - and I'm not even in Florida!

Thank goodness for nap!

Anonymous said...

Look at him move!

Good luck tomorrow.

Gwynn said...

I've been lurking for a while. I love reading about your wonderful adventures with MT. My son is the about the same age and I am struggling with the whole wanting-to-be-outside-all-the-time thing too. (In fact, ironically, I just wrote post about it last week!)

I am also worried about what to do as the weather gets hot. We live in Southern California and it can stay well above 100 for a week at a time.

My little guy doesn't understand when he can't go outside when it is raining so I know he certainly won't understand that he can't go outside because it is too hot.

Please keep us posted on how you end up handling this. I could really use some tips!

Artblog said...

Aww, he also has his hands in the air when he's walking, so cute :)

Well done to him!

Happy uneventful OB appointment :)


AJ's mommy said...

Oh gosh he is adorable!!! Look at him walking like a pro!

good luck at the OB appt! Curious to see how it goes. When is your next ultrasound?

Courtney said...

For just starting to walk, MT is really moving! He looks so steady. :)

Cibele said...

Look at him going!!! so adorable.
1 yr Molars - I HATE TEHM ALSO!!!!!!

Yay for the longer naps!
here in kansas the heat index was 105 yesterday... I can only imagine how August will be! I can tell by the pics taht he loves outside... he is so cute!!!!!!!

FattyPants said...

Look at him go!

I hate the molars too. And they take SO LONG.

Caro said...

Cute! T loves to be outside too, luckily they have a safe outside play area at nursery so he gets his wish. Also he's been on one nap a day for a while now.

T-Mommy said...

MT is becoming a big boy... in preparation of being a big brother in the near future!

I hope your OB appointment went well ;)

Kami said...

Oh so cute! LB loves the outside too. She is happy to grab my hands (doesn't walk independently yet) and pull me outside right out of bed. She knows shoes need to go on, but doesn't care how naked we are.

I wonder if the desire to be outside is programmed into us or if it is because it is so full of new things for a growing mind?

I didn't know you were expecting. Congrats!

Anns said...

WOW! They're 1 already - that's NUTS right! And now we're both expecting again!!!! Congrats to you, I'll try not to be such a terrible web-friend again... take care of you!

Jill, Mommy of Tanner and Josie, our Clomid baby. :o) said...

Why do I have a feeling this kid is going to graduate from Harvard at 5??? :o)