Sunday, September 4, 2011


I stumbled upon a Dad blog the other night and sat in front of my computer screen reading and laughing while tears stream down my face.  (another funny post of his) Yes.  Someone that can take the horror and chaos  surrounding my life because of my 22 mon old sound like a stand up routine.  It made me feel good.  I enjoy a dose of perspective.  I always wish I was able to be this funny.

Oh, the 22 month old, He is at that "I do not now what I what but you should be able to read between the lines and make me Happy" all while keeping balance on the happy family/happy life scale. If you get the response wrong  - he throws things and shrieks* until he forgets what he want/thought he needed and moves on.  I have been (not always) Patiently trying to correct this response and teach him how to communicate with us.  and shall I even mention teething... Yes  More Teething.  Still Teething.  Still.  (he has less than favorable reactions to all tylenol/advil/motrin so giving him meds only makes the vicious cycle more vicious) We all just need sleep.  Sleep would help

*Oh the throwing and shrieking - things that my mother say are triggering her into panic attacks and crying spells causing her too much anxiety.

I also have been (not always) patiently waiting on our credit to get fixed,  We are at a point where nothing short of a miracle, substantial amounts of money and time will help. 

E got news that their most likely will be more of a promotion in his near future.  But there are hoops to jump through.  And we have to wait til next year.  As it is a timely process and he has not even begun the process and can't until 2012.  

Common Denominators - Patience.- the thing I am running out of. and  Time - 2012, I need you to hurry up because it looks like we will carry out this suck until you arrive.

A good friend reminded me the other day that praying for patience is diabolical - because just as sure as you pray for those, you get more opportunities to practice your already used up supply of patience.  2011 is proving this to be extremely true.     

All of this waiting and practicing patience has gotten my body is some weird stress place. Last month is was my mouth (and bank account) - I broke a tooth and a few other weird stuff happened.  But Right now, my eyes (and bank account) are suffering.  2 months ago, my left eye started twitching. And It hasn't stopped.  Last week, I noticed not only is it twitching but there is a lump underneath the eyelid.  2 days ago, My right eye now has this weird lump under the eyelid and the one on the right eye is obstructing my vision.  Our Vision insurance coverage starts in October, So I may have to go to a General Practitioner if it goes worse.  I hate to even type "worse" like it's tempting fate to "bring it on" .....  and that is NOT at all what I am doing. I am no longer in Fight mode.  I have fought all I can and I am weary.  Therefore, I am entering Flight mode


E. Phantzi said...

Oh Farah, this is all too much! I've had eye-twitches before too, totally stress-related - it sucks. We also have a shrieker and oh my nerves. I so feel for you. Wish I could do something to help - all I have is the Beevis and Butthead prayer: "this sucks! Fix it! Fix it!" (a friend of mine came up with that - though it's starting to show our age!) big hugs.

HereWeGoAJen said...

Ah, Farah, that is a lot of suck. I hope things get better soon.

Tati said...

W just told me yesterday that he couldn't wait til B turned 3 so we could be over the 2's. I told him I hear 3 is worse. God help us.

I am so sorry your life is just up in turmoil. I hope 2011 is over quickly for you and many others.

Barb said...

We are right there with the teeth! I think our boys are soul mates. And life really is nuts huh? Hugs and love

andrea said...

hoping it's a quick flight.... sending lots of hugs. and alcohol.