Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A sweet friend of mine just moved to Joplin, MO a few weeks ago. "They were so excited about moving closer to family and they had just bought a new house. They and their five children were in the basement when the storm hit."

I saw these pictures but NEVER imagined that I actually knew the people in the pictures.

My friend and I met in college and were hall-mates for 3 yrs. She is simply kind hearted and selfless. later on, after we had all graduated and joined m.yspa.ce We reconnected and found out that we had more things in common than a love for our college football team. Infertility, miscarriages, and losses. Yep. A few years before we reconnected, we both had experienced several losses. She, had already overcome some obstacles and became a mom, while I was still struggling to admit that we had problems. She helped nurture my soul and guide me in a direction that I needed to be aware of and open up to. We have kept in contact through emails and bookface. They have added to their family by her becoming pregnant and adoptions. She now has a happy family of multiple children ranging in age from 9 to one on the way.

They lost it all. She is asking for NOTHING but prayers. Her children were in the basement when the storm was happening and they are having trouble. In fact, there are grief counselors that are offering their assistance to families in the area. She is open to getting her children involved in such help. She and a few of her children are actually still in the hospital due to injuries from the tornado. (and she will be on bedrest for the next 8 or so weeks from the injuries)

A few of her friends have put together a Group page on Facebook. If anyone is interested in helping. They are in need of diapers for their youngests. I have an address you can send diapers to if you leave me a comment or email me (email is FarahBeth at gmail dot com) , I can get that to you. You can order diapers on amazon or diapers,.com and they can just ship them up there. Or if you are interested in donating money to a great family in need of rebuilding their entire life, here is that link.

Here is specific sizes, items that are in need:

Boy - Size 10 clothing Size 4.5-5 shoes

Girl : 7-8 Tops/pants Size 2 shoes

2 Toddlers: 3T clothing size 8 and 9 shoes

1 toddler: 2T clothing and size 7 wide shoes

Dad: Work clothes XL shirts and 38x32 pants (business casual polo shirts preferred size XL -- "Manly" muted colors -- no pinks, purples, peaches, etc.... He prefers flat front dockers size 38 x 32. His shoe size is 11 1/2.)

Mom: M maternity tops and M/L pants Bras 34G, Size 9 shoe

Everyone needs socks, underwear, jammies

Also needing:



Cloth diapers

newborn baby girl things

Gift Cards to Vitacost, Walmart, Target, Sam's Club, Gas Cards. (Super Walmart is the only grocery store close to where they will be staying)

friendship bracelets


Size 4 and 5 diapers -- ALL three toddlers wear these to bed...so this is a high priority! Any brand is fine!!

Hair products for Girl -- No More Tears and None of your Frizziness

Headbands, hairwraps, and any other hair accessories.


Willy's Auntie said...

What is your email address?

HereWeGoAJen said...

How awful! I'm glad they are all okay, but it is devastating that they lost everything.

Barb said...

I have some of these things!!! Email me their address or yours so I can send them!