Saturday, January 30, 2010


Man, I miss blogging, It helped me remember, organized and kept me somewhat sane along with many other therapeutic qualities. I am sure I will regain control of my life at some point but right now, the time that I find available for blogging is trumped by the need to either: pick up toys, clean up the mess, take a shower (which could include cleaning up the mess), sleeping, washing laundry, feeling guilty about disciplining MT repetitively, enforcing Time outs, trying to keep everyone attended to and somewhat happy, and trying to keep up with my tivo. Here I'll start with a picture:


This past month has flown by. MT got Rs.v and had to have breathing treatments every 4 hrs for a few days and then was put on antibiotics for a sinus infection. This was the second time in his life taking antibiotics. The first time (around 9 mons), He had night terrors, but the dr's office thought It was just a fluke, but after 3 doses this time, he developed night terrors again and I had to take him off of it and find something.

We are still trying to find a pattern for life that works for us. Many people have asked about jealousy and MT. I still do not think that there are many jealous tendencies from him. Don't get me wrong, that does not mean that he is a perfect angel and never attempts to throw toys at him or sit on him - It just, to me, is no different then he was before the baby arrived. MT hit the "terrible two's" somewhere around 14 months. Tantrums, OH the tantrums! He gets better and better with his tantrum performance every day. Emmy Quality! At almost 20 months (yes he is almost 20 months, WHAT!) He has the tantrums pretty much perfected. I have yet to find a way to discipline him that gets his attention best. I try, but he is just exploring hid rights and limitations. I just have to stay consistent and do my best. Which lately has not been my best. It has included alot of screaming and crying ..... From both of us. At 20 months, he understands ALOT. The problem with that, He still does not use words much. But BOY Can he Talk. He tries, he will "tell" you all kinds of things. He "tells" me plenty in sounds strung together to sound like sentences - and hopefully for my sake there are some words or cues that I understand so I can figure out what he is telling me. But this is where he/we gets frustrated alot. He wants me to understand/I want to understand but do not always understand him ..or it takes me longer to understand him that he wanted. I am contemplating speech therapy but may give it a few more months to see what he develops. His desire to communicate has exploded over the past month and I am working with him to see if I can help first. He also has an interest in using the potty. So we are working on this too. He is tall enough to reach counters, cabinets, shelves and if he is n ot tall wnough, He knows to climb on chairs and such to make him taller. He is SMART and Fast. The other day,I was feeding 2.0 and found MT pushing up a chair to the fridge to get his own ice and water from the outside door compartment. and even with his tantrums and days of outburst, he still has me wrapped around his finger. Man, I love how much life lessons he teaches me.

2.0 is doing well. He is doing great bfing. He still hates the paci but loves to suck, so we are still attempting to become acquainted with the paci. He still has a hard time sleeping unless being held/in a sling. He LOVES to be talked to. He has the biggest whole face toothless grin that makes my heart melt. He is generally a very happy baby. (unless in his carseat) He does sleep in blocks of 4 ish hours at night. So as long as MT is sleeping, I have been able to get a 4 hr chunk of sleep at times.

Both of mine come with very short fuses though. If they want something, they want it 5 mins ago! MT is almost done with teething and I could not be more excited. Teething, for us, has been pretty awful. He has 2 more 2yr molars to get, then he will be all done. I do not think it will be much longer waiting because those areas already have swollen gums.

Life with 2, is a balancing act. Some days start with both crying at the same time and other days everything just seems to be seamless and boosts my confidence for the times that are not so seamless. I try to keep things in perspective, keep great company and continue trying to find a groove that works best for us. Honestly, this is the hardest thing I have ever done in life. Somedays it's all fun and games and somedays it's worse than a trip to the dentist. But, I am determined to raise good, polite, wellrounded, enjoyable, fun loving boys and have the most fun we can have doing it. 99.9% of the time, I feel honored and blessed to have this opportunity, the other .1% takes over on the rough days, We just push through those days, get through bedtime and start with a clean slate the next day.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

New Year, New Terrain

Hi, My name is Terrible Blogger. Merry Holidays and Happy New Year!

Life with 2. Uhm... Busy! MT is almost 19 months and we refer to the new lil one as 2.0. 2.0 is almost 6 weeks.




MT is actually a very big fan of his lil brother. This has helped me so much. MT is my baby monitor. If the "beh beeh beeeh beeh" (french sounding MT speak for Baby) moves, farts, whimpers, breathes MT is there to make sure that he is ok. He loves to give 2.0 kisses and hugs.

E was off work for ~5weeks so I was very lucky. 4 arms for 2 babies. It was the holidays so he took a few extra weeks of leave. it was actually our first Christmas with E not working. He took knew that once he started back working, I would have no help from him anymore. He works weird hours that basically do not allow him to help around the house or with the kids until these extra few weeks so that we could actually have a family Christmas and also because we all is schedule changes. Hopefully in July He will be able to change things around so he can be home to help and spend time with us.

BF is still going well. It has been a challenge to BF and still try to wrangle a VERY energetic toddler. I have never at all considered or understood energy drinks until MT learned to move. I have decided that my son is the reason those drinks exist. And I still have not had one. I learned a few tricks is that you give him a snack/toy/tv show/insert whatever distraction that he really enjoys that he ONLY gets when you are BF-ing the baby. This has helped us some. Other times, I have learned to BF in a sling and Run after him.

My mother had to be admitted in the hospital Monday. After a few days and a few tests were performed, they discovered ulcers in her stomach. They think it is from worrying and stress and a terrible eating habit. But she is out of the hospital and hopefully start listening to us to find an outlet for stress and take better care of herself

Since he has returned back to work, Some days I know I am not equipped for this, Other days it seems to go w/o a glitch. I have only had 1 melt down and a few freak outs! But in the end, It's over little things that do not matter in the long term.

Since I am a bad blogger Leave a comment on where you are in your Life so I can play Catch Up and delete my thousands of unread posts.