Wednesday, November 28, 2007


My brain is all over the place lately: so here it goes:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketJJ had a great Idea to introduce how your blog was born. I was inspired by a real live friend and Jaime. I read her blog and how open and honest about her feelings she was able to be .. and I was moved and then envious. So I started my own. I then quickly landed on JJ’s blog a few days after, and the rest is in the archives.

I out-ed myself out work yesterday. (trying to sneakily scan U/S pics- and got caught) The trips to the bathroom, nausea, peeing, eating, tired, late, leaving early, Dr’s appointments, type of work I do, sharing very close quarters, and a few other reasons, it just seemed easier. There was already chatter about it, So What’s done is done

Go here and here for some continued good news

I think the extra hormones in my body are making me a tad bit whiney. I was having a pity party for one yesterday because my husband schedule is on my nerves again. Having to have a shot at 5 pm every day, trying to work 8 hours and make in home in time for my husband to give me a shot and walk out the door for work has really gotten to me. I know I have gone over this before, .I work far away (and add extra snowbird/holiday/tourist traffic to an already long commute= the suck, add driving in a car or pretty much moving making me nauseous = more the suck) I am a pretty much independent kind of person and my husband lets me be. Right now, I just want to be cared for. I would just like when I am puking in the toilet, not to have to be the one to have to clean up and nurture me, and find something that sounds/smells like I want to eat/drink it. I do not know how you single women do this on your own. More power to you. (again, I am sorry that it sounds like complaining – its actually just venting- I think it’s the extra hormones

v E is off of work today and I am just so glad for that. I have made it to work by 8:15 2 mornings in a row!!! Go me


Amanda said...

It's your right to vent! Remember...if you don't get it out, your pretty little head it going to explode! And it's your right to want the comforting...and to want the hubby to take care of you! It's not like you're complaining about something you can actually change, either. Because then it might be considered whining. As it is, you are needy. And it's OK!

I'm grateful that Jaime inspired you to blog! Especially since you, in turn, are my muse!


E said...

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be taken care of. I am so dependent on my husband, it's kind of pathetic. I'm sure if he wasn't there I'd find some way to fend for myself, but honestly I don't know how you do it!

And yeah, at least for me, the peeing gets way worse.

christina(apronstrings) said...

it's good to make someone feel needed. it's a part of a good marriage. so, you go girl.
i am surely happy that you blog.

Diana said...

Hugs, I'm sorry. Vent away! This is a very special time and it makes sense you would want to spend time with your husband!!

Geohde said...

Whine away, you're entitled :)



Cibele said...

Dont feel bad that you're venting, this space is meant for that as well. I hear you on the need to be taken care of!
I am so glad that you start your blog. I enjoy reading it and getting to knwo you better

Anns said...

Wine away honey, you deserve every second of it! Oh, and enjoy being taken care of because in just a few months you'll be responsible for taking care of someone else for the next 18+ years...

Courtney said...

I'm sorry that it has been so stressful running around to get your shots on time. That gets really taxing to be on 'needle time'.

I hope that you are feeling less stressed and cared for right at this very moment. :)

butterflyanla said...

Well I feel you on teh comute. I drive an hr and 47 minutes to school and the same back home. In teh begining I thought it was great alone time and all, well it has seriously gotten old. I have YEARS of this commute left and I too don't know how I will make it. not to mention since gas is now 309 in the ATL Hubbo and I are carpooling and his car smells and he is always grumpy. Think of it as a short time. For those short hours every day life suxs but then it is over before you know it.p.s. Embrace teh whole wheat! ;)